Sunday, 30 January 2011

When's A Mug...More Than Just A Mug?

So... when is a Mug more than just a mug? .... well for me its when its a delightful Retro-y little trio like these.

We were having a bit of a Mug crisis here in the Allsorts household...mostly due to me dropping them on a regular basis (due to arm-y...neck-y injury problem) ...and Hubby P dropping the picnic box this the dark, as we set off for Carboot...and smashing another two!
So how pleased was I to spot these real retro 70's style mugs on an old ladies stall...and for the princely sum of only 50p each.
Cheap and cheerful....that's me.
At that price I won't be afraid of using them....chances are I will drop them at some point, although they are a bit sturdier than the china ones I usually favor.

I bought these too, sorry the pic's a bit blurred, anyone know what this pattern is called?
I use to have the canisters and tins and whatnot in this pattern, can't say I have ever seen the mugs before.
I do like blue and white....its so kinda 'fresh' looking.
And Fabric.....
how could I leave this piece behind... a seasoned stallholder had put this aside for me....he's quite aware of my passion for old fabrics.....although its quite beyond his understanding...but then again he is a Man! (so I think we can forgive him! lol)

Its a new unused length of what I think is 1950's lightweight cotton... just so cute with the little bunnies...... so Easter-ish.

The colours are so fresh and bright, and it has that crisp starch-y feel of new fabric.

A largish piece so I have done the usual thing..... shared it between me (for my stash... maybe an Easter project) and put a bit on Ebay to recoup some pennies.

Now lets see.... what can I make with these cheeky little bunnies?

xx Take care for now xx nite nite xx


  1. that fabric would make perfect little easter baskets!

  2. I now have serious mug envy :)
    Twiggy x

  3. I can remember those mug designs when I was younger, but dont know the name of the design x

  4. just popped over to say thanks for following my blog...and now I'm going to have a look at that fabric on ebay :))

  5. oooh what lovelies I cant wait foe carboots to start round here again
    xx fee

  6. Fantastic cups! They are brilliant and I would have been thrilled to have found them for 50p each as well.

    The fabric is cute as well.

  7. Oh my! So needed to pop by here today. I have bunches of those sorts of cheery mugs - love them.

  8. Fantastic mugs; but as a fellow vintage fabric addict, I'm loving the fabric!

    Shirl xxx

  9. Thank you!
    Your blog posting was just the splash of colour that I needed right now!! There are mounds of snow everywhere...piles so high that we no longer have places to shovel it! As I type this a snow storm has morphed into a freezing rain storm and I now hear the drip, drip, drip down the wall of an ice dam that has found its way inside my newly painted sunroom! Time to run and find the buckets and look up the name of a good roofer...
    From a very snowy hillside in New England,

  10. I had a yellow mug the same as that for years, can't remember what happened to it.

  11. my nan had the blue and white tea & coffee cannisters in her caravan in the 1970's. I remember them well as I learnt to make a cup of tea in that caravan.

  12. my nan had the blue and white tea & coffee cannisters in her caravan in the 1970's. I remember them well as I learnt to make a cup of tea in that caravan.


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