Monday, 16 June 2008


Hi 'Folks'
Where has the sunshine gone - poor little sunhat hasn't seen much action over the last few days, and it was really cold at the car boot on Sunday! I pitied all the holidaymakers in their summery clothes - I was wrapped up like a stuffed turkey - or similar!

Carboot finds - I know we all like to have a nosy! Not too much to be had, there was a lot of stalls - just 'Mums' trying to make a bit extra selling their old baby clothes and toys - great if that's what you want, but not really what 'floats my boat'!
I managed to find a pretty floral pillow case (just one!), I might just have it on the bed as display - then I can look at it, rather than put it in the linen cupboard ( with all the others!!).
The pretty trim/ribbon was a bow that had come off a hat - 20p, I unpicked it and washed it - just need to find a nice project for it now!
How cute are these little birds! I got a whole box full for £2, I have put a few on ebay and kept some for myself - no idea yet what I will use them for, but Hey! they are so cute! I have put some amongst my indoor plants, I have a little 'jungle' corner where my plants grow a bit wild and I have some larger (pretend) birds and whatnot amongst the foliage - I forgot to take a photo!

Look how tiny and cute they are, even small enough to use on cards I should think.
Some project will come to mind.

More Pretty Pretty Poppies!

These poppies come every year - usually amongst the vegetables! they like the disturbed soil I believe. They are all different, some have just single petals and others are like this one - just bursting with them, and colours vary from reds, purples, purple with black and all the shades of pink.

Just look at my Broad Beans!! and these are just some seeds I planted in old buckets, can't believe they are doing so well.

On the Crafting Front!
Not a Lot!
I have been spending a lot of time in the garden! and a girl can't be everywhere!
I have been making some little summer smocks (for me) -I always use the same pattern - I know a bit boring! But I found this one (it was a smock I bought, wore to death, unpicked and use now as a pattern) - it is so comfy, and being on the larger size covers all the lumps and bumps!!

Of course it has the requisite decoration of a few chosen buttons!
I have another smock half finished - so I shall away now and do a bit of that!
Ta Ta for now xx


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  2. oops try again,
    the ribbon looks lovely, I would perhaps use as a trim for a peg bag, with some buttons of course!
    or trim some cushions
    Josie x
    ps, the link to my blog isn't working

  3. I love the photos of your poppies (I have a niece called Poppy) we have hardly any in the garden this year. Think I will have to pinch a few seed heads from the ones in my moms garden ready for next year.
    I love that ribbon!
    Jo XX

  4. I'm so sorry I missed your actual birthday, I'm a bit useless at birthday's! However there is one in the process! Have you seen the sketches I've done of Will? They're currently on my blog! Its not long now until I move! Exciting stuff!! i can't wait! Hope you're all well? Lots of love to the gang! x x x x P.s. the new dress you've made is my favourite! Its gorgeous! x

  5. Lovely dress lady and the poppy is gorgeous, I think it's a chiffon poppy, really beautiful. Think your sunshine has come up here, shall I fetch it back with me at the weekend :)
    See you soon
    Twiggy x

  6. What a lovely smock!
    The birds are so sweet, love them!
    I cannot believe how fast your plants are growing... :o

  7. I love those little birds! I can remember buying something similar when I was a little girl and a haberdashery near me used to sell them. They weren't meant to be childrens toys but I used to save up for them and put them up and down in my bedroom. I wonder where they all went?
    Your garden is coming along. All that rain makes everything grow. Are they nasturtiums I can see?

  8. I love the ribbon, and the birds!
    I love little tiny thingies like the birds just randomly placed about the house, I have butterfly clips on the light fittings, snails on the stairs etc - they just make you smile when you notice them!


  9. your new handmade smock is amazing and so beautifully made! i love the buttons you added. the little birds are so cute. i am sure you will think of a perfect project for them. belated happy birthday wishes vicky. am so sorry they are late. dx.


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