Monday, 23 June 2008


And what wind!!!!
We have been away for a few days - we had a family funeral 'Up North' - what horrendous driving conditions as we made our way home on Saturday evening.
I could have cried as I stepped out of the car and saw my poor wind trashed garden! Sunday (in between the showers) was spent trying to prop up, tie up and generally give the poor plants some TLC!
A great stem of my cardoon had broken off and lay on the path - such a waste - it was looking so good! I have snipped off the flowers and put them in water - they are pleasing to look at on the table - but I would sooner have them in the garden!
However - much better today, the sun seems to have reappeared!
I had a visit from the lovely Twiggypeasticks! So nice to meet her, and her family - they are on holiday here.
She is so busy with that little one, yet she had time to make me this lovely little cross stitch - with a little shed on it - so apt!
We had a nice morning talking Blogland! then off they went to the beach.

Not a lot happening on the crafting front - just been messing about with an old bag I found at the carboot, putting a few toadstools and whatnot on it.

I just find I have to do something with my hands as I sit watching TV.

Taking advantage of the sunny weather I have been drying herbs for the winter, I find I use them quite a lot, and I didn't do enough last winter, so 'trying to do better' this!

This is some sage I hung up a week or two ago - it doesn't take long to dry. I just hang it from the ceiling in the conservatory bit - along with all the other junk!

Had to show you these delightfully PINK PINK, gloves and secateurs (they were a Birthday present - from people who know me Soooooo well!!) Ideal for clean cutting my herbs.

I thought I would dry some Lemon Balm (Mellissa) - I drink a lot of tea made from the fresh leaves in the summer - so refreshing (Properties - calming and helps the digestive system), so dried leaves might just be the thing during a cold wet winter!

To days haul Golden Morjoram, Oregano, Lemon Balm, and comfrey - I make a salve from the comfrey to help heal cuts, bruises and fractures (I used it twice a day, every day on my broken ankle, and it mended remarkably quickly - and well) - the country name for comfrey is Knitbone - they knew their stuff those old wise women!
Anyway that's all for now folks! - got to do some housework!!
Ta ta xxx


  1. The wind has been terrible over the last few days. Sory your garden got whipped about; I don't know what part of anglesey you are from but those south west winds don't half blow! (and I know from first hand experience)

  2. We had that awful weather friday night and all day saturday, it must have blown up country as sunday was perfect. The bag looks very good too. i like to have something on the go for tv time as well.

  3. It's rotten when the garden gets a battering,isn't it?
    I love herbs in a garden...and the pink secateurs and gloves are just what I would choose as I love all things pink too.

  4. I have those secataurs!!

    April xx

  5. Yay you got to meet Twiggy!
    Sorry about your garden but look how marvellous you are with your herbs.

  6. Ooooh, lovely herbs! they look wonderful, and aren't they are great reminder of summer in the deapths of winter?!

    The wind has been rotten!


  7. Hello lady
    Twas very nice to meet you too, I've just logged my bag!!
    By the way, I've just had my hair done -tee hee
    Twiggy x

  8. that should say blogged - :)

  9. Hello,

    Found you via Twiggypeasticks. Such a shame about your Cardoon - it must have been massive. Mine's just a baby and luckily we haven't had any wind.

    Top pink lady gloves



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