Friday, 27 February 2015

A First This Year .. Washing On The Line ... Hurrah.!

 Hello there ...
Well what a lovely day we have had .. lots of sunshine this morning.

It tempted me to have a wander outside .. and even try some washing on the line ..

Hurrah ...!

Clothes smell so deliciously fresh when dried in the free fresh air and sunshine.

Still feeling really rather Yuck with this cold-y flu-y type bug .. but to be honest I'm a bit bored of it .. so much I want to do ..

 And now Mr Sunshine is playing out .. I want to be out there too ..

The little Daffs are peeping out .. there should be a nice showing for St Davids Day on Sunday.

I'm 'Girding my Loins' .. as they say .. to work on Sunday .. we will just have to .. I'm hopeful I will feel much better by then.
Poor Hubby P had to work today .. a long standing booking .. not that really he was fit to work with having this flu bug .. but hey ho' that's being self employed for you.
 I had a hot lemon drink and hot water bottle ready for him when he returned ..
and he had a little nap to recover.

 I chained myself to the ironing board again .. and sorted and pressed more of the linen.

 I think I am getting to the end of this lot ... I'm getting a bit tired of it .. I keep looking out of the window at the sunshine.
Mind you I feel that sickly and generally Yuck  .. I wouldn't be up to much gardening wise.

It went a bit cooler this afternoon .. so I sat by the fire and listed on eBay .. a few bits more of the linen
... got to move it on.

 I did manage a few minutes .. when I went to get the washing off the line ..
I kinda potted up the polyanthus I bought .. they will be glad of a bit more root room .. but they are rather bunged in.

All bright and cheerful ..!
They are in an old 'soil' bucket .. not really a topic of conversation you would want to encourage around the dinner table.
Soil buckets were used to collect the waste in toilets and emptied often by 'night soil men' who would go around the streets with a cart collecting the waste... nice job!
Or in our case .. living in the wilds of the countryside .. Dad would empty it in a special pit he had dug ..
Yes ..
The joys of modern plumbing...!

On that note ... nite nite x


  1. Hey get well soon! I agree, it is one of life's simple pleasures, clean washing billowing on the line.

  2. Interesting about your bucket. In Canada at home I have two of them. We use them to fill with ashes from the wood stove. I am sure that is all they have ever been used for. Love your blog posts as always.

  3. Aww hope you soon feel better. I was working today and was flippin banjaxed when I got in. I managed to get some washinh out on Wednesday, it didn't completely dry but smelt lovely. Take care of yourselves and wrap up warm on Sunday
    Twiggy xx

  4. I sure hope you feel better by sunday, thats some bad flu / cold you have. I can't believe how much it looks like spring with you, we still have many feet of snow here, such beautiful linens, and so popular!

  5. I do hope you feel better soon, especially for Sunday. Yes I'd have to chain myself to the ironing board too. Cold here too.

  6. Hope you continue to improve, and you do well at selling.
    Have not thought of the men collecting in years!
    Hoping for more springtime to come!

  7. I love the photo of your washing pegged out, billowing in the wind. The greenery in your garden looks lovely.
    One of the edges on the linens looks very similar to a crochet edge I made my self along time ago for pillowcases. The pillowcases after much use were no good but I unpicked my crocheted edge and kept it. I'll have to send you a pic of it.
    Hope you both feel better soon.

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  9. Ah, but, doesn't the washing smell lovely when it's been on the line? (Unless some b***er lights a bonfire!
    Glad you are on the mend xxx

  10. Ooooooo washing drying on the line. Spring is on it's way, with summer not far behind. I have a similar 'bucket' shaped like yours and use it to get compost out of the bags - I shall try not to think of your 'soil bucket' story when I next use it. Yuk! Love the lace and linen. Hope you and hubby are fit for work tomorrow and that you do well. Make sure you get your food organised beforehand, it'll make it easier for you when you get home. If not, just have a few hot toddies! CMW

  11. If I put my washing it would be soaked and blown away in the sleet / snow / heavy rain and winds we have today. Polyanthus are on my list to get next time I am at the shops, they are so cheery in containers and pots at this time of year :)

  12. I managed to get a load of washing dried on the line in the morning, then it decided to rain. I took myself, my cold and my tissues off to the local cinema in Brynamman and watched Into The Woods. Great choice.

  13. PS, I remember the "honey cart", and the deep trench at the very furthest corner of the garden, for deposits.

  14. love all your linens. I am hoping you are over the worst of your cold by now?


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