Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Good Sort Out .. And Back To It ..!

Hello there ...

Well we seem to free of the germs .. at last .. 
and feel more like joining the hurley burly of everyday life .. gosh what a nasty flu like germ-y thing it was ..

As you can see (above) we have had a general sort out at the unit ..
 'Clara Bow' has had a change of outfit .. 
I rather think she looks like she is attending a Wedding.
She welcomes customers at the door.

In between sniffles .. Hubby P .. being Hubby P .. 
and fighting these germs with a vengeance .. 
not giving in .. not giving an inch .. 
and certainly Not collapsing on the sofa with a hot water bottle...
 (like most of us would/did)

He decided to work in the workshop ...
 hammering and banging and hum 'swearing' .. just a little bit.
He rebuilt a little old dresser ....
 it came to us rather in bits .. 
so it suited him to fiddle about and remake .. rebuild ..
 a bit of Make Do and Mend ...
helped to take his mind off the sniffles.

He painted it a rather nice blue colour .. and gave it a protective wax and polish.

 And guess what .. it fits into our kitchen .. just beautifully!

We had to take some cupboards down off the wall ...
 and it will mean we need to re decorate .. 
but the kitchen .. quite frankly is in dire need of a freshen up anyway.

 The photo's are not great I'm afraid .. 
we have just sort of plonked it in place .. 
but you get the idea.. 
lots of handy .. warm wooden shelves.

 And quite the cutest Deco style knobs ..
 Ooh .. a Girl just loves a nice (cupboard) Knob ..
 could have been quite rude then .. 
and Shocked you all...!

Anyway enough of that sort of thing ...
Had a good old de clutter of the house whilst I was at it .. some old friends are off to the sale.

 I've had this little mannequin for ages .. 
sweet as she is its time for a new home. 
She is an infant/small child size .. and shape .. made from plaster .. very shabby chic I suppose.

 I've loved these egg boxes too .. they date from before the war and are in such excellent condition..they were used to transport eggs. Just recently they have been pushed to the back of the shelves gathering dust.
Someone will appreciate them.

And Tins! 

Really ... just how many tins does a Girl need ..?
I've had a good thinning out .. and .. hard as it is too let go .. it does feel better .. the house feels lighter ..
that's not to say I wont go about filling it up again....!

But that's the joy of collecting .. treasure hunting .. seeking out the old and quaint .. 
the wonderfully shabby and interesting ...
 the cast aside .. 
the sad and unloved ..

So much more Thrilling than a trip to the High Street.

Don't you agree ...?

Bye for now x


  1. Glad to hear that you are both feeling better now. My OH has now got the Hampshire bugs I brought back with me and has had to have a/b's for the throat part of the bug. I have just taken my last one so fingers x'd it's knocked on the head.

    You have some goodies to sell, including two tins we had here - the blue and white Jasperware pattern one and a taller version of the one with roses on was what my mum used for her pegs when I was a child.

    What a useful dresser (small ones are hard to find too). I am sure you will soon have it full of goodies. What colour will you redecorate the kitchen?

    1. Glad you too are getting over the bugs .. I'm hoping for a warm dry Spring. Dont know yet about the kitchen .. proearably something easy that can be touched up as and when .. its only a tiny place. I have some nice dark green tiles stashed away .. I would like them around the back of the work surface .. i think I will ask my cousin to do it .. Hubby P hates tiling .. so it wont happen any time soon .. unless I organise Simon(my cousin).

    2. I love to read your blog and always get excited when you post to see what vintage goodies you have for us to see , Love the dresser , Wish i had room in my kitchen for a dresser , Glad you are both on the mend , We have managed to avoid any lergy at the moment , Fingers crossed , we can do without any more health issues lol xxx

    3. Glad you enjoy the blog .. I'm just a simple kind a Girl .. so i keep it simple and cheery .. hopefully. And if I can make you smile .. well that's got to be good.
      Thank you so much for showing an interest and taking the time to comment.

  2. Glad you are on the mend it was a nasty fluey bug this winter that knocked the stuffing out of a
    lot of people, including me! Love your new dresser, great colour. Have had a good sort out
    myself which will make room for new treasures gosh I love car boot sales!

    1. Indeedy .. this flu thing seems to be everywhere .. its a job to know how to avoid it. The Dr suggests I have the Flu jab .. its free here in Wales .. but I dont know if I want to go down that road quite yet.
      Glad you enjoy my witterings.

  3. Glad to hear you're bug-free again. The dresser is wonderful, congrats to your Hubby.

    1. Yes .. he's done a good job .. I so loved the colour.

  4. The dresser looks fab, I love the colour :) good to hear you are on the mend, it's such a waste of time having a lurgy

  5. the dresser does indeed look good and a very useful item!!

  6. I remember the London cake tin as a child, then one year while on holiday in Canada I came across one at a yard sale, so of course bought it for old times sake. Like the cabinet, did a good job.

  7. It makes you feel good to have a good sort out doesn't it?
    Loving the blue dresser, Hubby is a star!
    I'm sure I've seen those egg boxes in my childhood but, not used to post eggs, think Mum kept little things in them, sentimental stuff and the like.
    Have a good day! xxx

  8. Glad you are feeling better, Twiglet is just recovering from a sickness bug. Love the little cupboard.
    Twiggy x

  9. I love my old tins even though the kitchen would look smarter if it was a bit more coordinated. But smartness aint everything.

  10. Glad to hear you're feeling better.My dad and his wife have had a nasty cough since January. Lots going around.
    I too love the dresser,its simple shape and colour.I also like it against the yellow wall (is that colour staying?)

    1. Not sure about the yellow staying .. we are having new tiles and stuff .. all will need decorating .. so I need to consult 'the shed stock' .. hubby's bargin paint buys's !

  11. Love the blue cupboard!
    He does great work!
    Thankful you are doing better!
    When my Sissy had the bug, she called it the plague.


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