Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Sniffles .. A Changearound .. And A Touch Of Fine Linen...

 Hello there ..
I'm afraid its all a bit yucky yucky here .. we've got the dreaded flu that's been going around.

I must say we have been lucky .. and avoided it for the last couple of years so .. perhaps it our turn.
So its a case of sitting it out .. letting our bodies fight the blessed little germs .. with lots of hot drinks and snugly blankets .. not that Hubby P does the snugly blankets thing .. being a man he rages against the 'blessed germs' that dare invade him .. and gets a touch cross ...!

Anyway .. enough of that .. boring being under the weather ...

Something nice and pretty to show you ..

I had a bit of a change around in the sitting room.

 I quite like these Barbola mirrors ... but they tend to be on the expensive side .. but Hubby P .. bless him .. has.. over the years been buying them for me when 'they are a reasonable price' .. 
they may have a chip or two .. but I don't mind. 
Its all part of their life .. their story.

Last week he found me the big squarish one at the back.

For those of you who don't know .. Barbola refers to the decoration .. flowers usually .. around the edge of the mirror. Barbola paste was bought ready made in tins .. people bought it and decorated all sorts of things with it .. like picture frames .. little boxes .. made jewellery .. you get the idea. It was air drying .. I think it was a kind of early plastic based paste.

Anyway .. now I have a little collection of  Barbola mirrors .. I thought it would be nice to display them together.

 I've given the old mule chest a bit of a polish and set them on there .. I think it could do with a nice tallish vase of flowers .. where the little plant is.
 But this will have to do for now ... I think seasonal blooms will be nice throughout the summer ..
roll on summer!

I have shifted all my amethyst geodes (that were on the mule chest) .. and grouped them together by the window  ..
That's a down side of having such a small house .. not much room to display treasures ... 
mind you .. really .. how many 'treasures' does a Girl need..!

As for work .. it still goes on ...
I've been sorting this pretty little lot over the weekend .. so lovely .. and such amazing skill in the making .. these Victorian needlewomen were so amazingly talented.

There is quite a bundle of these linens .. so I have sorted it into lots and popped a few on eBay ...
 they really do need an appreciative home.

Lovely jubley stuff ... 

Well .. time for another hot lemon and honey .. 
hope you are all keeping well ... hold on to the thought of that sunshine .. it must be just around the corner..

 ...unless of course you are toasting yourselves down under in Australia or the like .. 
and if you are .. send us a bit of the warm stuff...

Bye for now xx


  1. oh I am sorry to hear you are sick with flu, its that time of year though I suppose, I had never heard of this molding paste until now, they are lovely, to think someone went to all that work to decorate the mirrors, they are a treasure. You have quite a collection linens to sell, beautiful gathering, very popular, and like you said, such talented women to do this, take care of your colds, hopefully it won't last long,

  2. Sorry you are under the weather, be well soon.
    I love all your treasures, the one you sell and the ones you keep.
    I wonder what future generations will look back on as treasures from today's offerings, hard to know really.
    Pam in Texas.

  3. Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly, I hope it passes quickly and you are soon back to full strength. Having your little treasures displayed around you must make you smile which in turn will lift your spirits, they are so pretty. I love the linens and the handcrafted doilies, I have lots of finely crocheted doilies made by my Mum and I can appreciate the time and skill that goes into making them, maybe they will be passed down to my grandaughter one day :-) xx

  4. it is going around, hope you feel better soon. I love the doilies, so pretty.

  5. Sorry to hear you are not well. Well I would love to send you some sunshine from Australia. We have just got through the tail end of Cyclone Marcia. Just a bit of rain here, but very humid .

  6. Sorry you are both poorly! Ironically I find that not going to the gym all winter has made it a healthier germs picked up there!
    Have a small house as well. Just returned from the charity shop and antique center with a "bit" more "stuff".... I understand your dilemma! Trying to make rag rugs and quilts more quickly to get the cotton and wool supply down a bit!

  7. Flu hasn't been on my radar for a while either. Hope we don't succumb. What pretty things you have. I had forgotten about Barbola although I used to know what it was. Well, now I know again! :)

  8. I am SO jealous of your Barbola mirrors - I love them. Hope you both feel better soon. x

  9. Those are beautiful mirrors!
    I had not seen that paste before, or if I did, I did not know what it was.
    I love your collections.
    The geodes are amazing!
    Love the doilies.
    Hope you feel well again soon!

  10. My commiserations and best wishes for a speedy recovery. I am fighting the bug myself. I can not cope with anything too sweet at the moment but a hot toddy will feature later in the day, with just a drop or three of maple syrup, that is one sweet thing that I love. Now I am off to look at the doilies.

  11. No sun here grey dreary and more wet snow forecast. I have had enough now, 1. March this weekend, another month and winter will have to let go. Love those linens, love how dainty they are and the thought of all the hours of skilled work that went into them. Interesting story about the mirrors, look lovely all in a group. Hope you both feel much better soon, take care. Blessings, Pam xx

  12. Hope you are both feeling back on top form soon! Maybe enforced relaxation will do you the world of good?
    Hugs xx

  13. I hope you both stay cosy and get better soon. I love how you have displayed all your mirrors togeather so pretty.

  14. I hope you're both feeling better soon. We have our first Fleamarket of the year on Sunday, so of course I have come down with Tonsillitis and possibly developing Pleurisy. Deep joy. Have some a/b's should I need them.

    What pretty Barbola mirrors. I like them too but have to draw the line at my collecting somewhere! The linens are lovely and what satisfaction they must have given their makers. I have been trying to have a cull of mine and only kept the special ones - although some of those have gone to a friend who is terminally ill, but still loves beautiful things.


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