Monday, 19 January 2015

A Sunshiny Day Of Pretty Growing Things ..

Hello there ..
A lovely sunshiny morning here ..
 just thought I would share it with you..

I had a wander along the front of the house ...
 peeping out of the bottom of the hedge ..
 a row of old boots.

These are the symbols of a life lived with work to provide and feed us ... a good little place..
a little graveyard .. a resting place for our old friends.

 Nature has garland them with pretty swathes of moss and flowers bedeck their tops ..
they rest in a pretty place.

 You may ask what I was doing wandering around in the freezing cold .. sunny Yes.. but still cold.

 Well I was doing my everyday jobs ...
 fetching in the milk from the gate ..
 yes we still have a Milkman deliver .. and I treasure him!
 There is nothing like  milk out of a glass milk bottle. Who still has a milkman?
I think they are becoming a rare breed .. such a shame.

And of course the Girls have to have their tit bits .. 
just a bit of old bread today .. and a handful of oats.
The big jug contains fresh water for the Girls.

 So cold the water in the bird bath was frozen hard.

 I filled up the wild bird feeding places ..
 poor little things .. its cold for them.
Mind you yesterday there was a lot of 'Hot Action' going on in the hedge .. as the Gents were pursuing the Ladies ready for spring .. and nests full of babies.

And I found these ... just look how pretty .. 
hiding away in the corner of the garden.

I just had to pick a few for the table ...
 doesn't that pink just brighten your day!

Hope you have had a good day ... any snippets of spring in your garden yet?



  1. oh how beautiful the moss is growing along the edge, beautiful! I wish this was my January, but I tell you,,, my January and yours are as different as salt and pepper! That's one of the reasons I love to visit! Have the best day!

  2. Oh l do loove those old boots, l have an old pair of rubber boots with flowers, but they are disinegrating. Will have to put my leather ones out when they wear out :). My sister and l used to wait for the milkman to arrive when we were visiting family in England. Always wished we had that in Norway too. Milk out of a glass bottle was a real treat :). I have some glass milk bottles, use them for homemade redcurrant drink. No sign of spring in my garden yet, only snow and ice. April will bring up my snowdrops l hope. So lovely to see your flowers. Winter beauty. Blessings, Pam xx

  3. Love the boots :-)

    We used to have a milkman before we moved, unfortunately he delivered milk in plastic bottles :-(

  4. We have not had a milkman for years. I remember when I was young, the milkman would deliver milk to the door in a glass bottle.
    There was a layer of cream on the top. We used to fight over who was going to have that first slurp of milk. In later years we had milk delivery but in a plastic container.

  5. My Aunt's milkman used to deliver milk using his horse and cart (in the mid 50's)and when we used to visit he would give my cousin and I a few mint imperials to swill around in our glass of milk. Lovely treat. I even remember the horse was called Bob.


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