Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Brr .. Cold Grey Day .. Looking To Summer Makes... and A Cat!

Hello there ..
Brrrrr.. its been a cold grey day today ..
I think my mood has kinda matched the day ...

 It must be pie kinda weather .. and putting the oven on helps warm up the house.
I made a simple veg and meat pie .. 
mostly what veg I had (that needed using up) and a little bit of mince to give it a semblance of a meat pie.
I think any kind a pie is good .. its the pastry isn't it!
Naughty but nice...

The other ..not so glamorous .. peculiar looking thing is a bit of leftover pastry .. spread with the last of the cranberry jelly (so that I could free the fridge of another half used thing .. and wash the jar)
.. sprinkle of brown  sugar and a handful of sultanas ..
and folded over.
Usual thing .. what I had to hand.

Hubby P has bagged it for his 'snap' tomorrow at work.
Who else calls lunch/work snacks 'snap' ..
 I wonder is a northern thing?

So tea was sorted .. what else .. 
I needed to do some kind of work thing .. but wanted to be warm and cosy ..
Hubby P went outside in the workshop ..
 but blow that .. too cold.

 A big box of these dressmaking patterns came in yesterday ... so I had a sort through them .. lots of the 'easy and quick' ones too.
Ideal for the sewing novice .. and I noticed .. good realistic sizes (as in not for stick thin people). 

I sell a lot on the stall quite cheap and cheerful  .. they are so expensive to buy new from the shops
 .. I sorted out a good mixed bunch and thought I would try them on eBay.

I thought people might be looking to summer and easy sewing makes .. little tops ..
 and pretty summery skirts and dresses..

I for one am beginning to miss the warmth of the sun .... and I am wearing so many layers I feel like an onion..
 So that has been me today ...

Oh .... and the cat .. with that 'what you up to then' look!

Take care .. keep warm  xx


  1. I love your blogs they are so cosy!

  2. It's cold and grey here too. I'm making a big pot of soup with mostly veg and bits and pieces. I prefer your pies, though!!!

  3. It was horrible here today very grey, damp and chilly. One of the words for 'snap' in Suffolk was 'bait' which I think just comes from 'bite'. So a lunch box was always a bait box

  4. those pies look wonderful! I have a couple of those patterns!!!! Its very cold here as well and lots of snow!

  5. Cold and grey in Shropshire, too - so cottage pie for dinner here. x

  6. Cold, gray and dreary here in Illinois today too! And muddy! Went out to put wood in outside wood stove and was slippy sliding all over! Passed on my usual game of fetch the stick with our dog.

  7. They both look delicious & frugal, far too hot here to put our oven on at the moment so I look with lust at your pie & pastry.

  8. the food looks wonderful!
    I love easy patterns!
    that cat, just too cute!

  9. Sweet puss :). Have to laugh at my two, they don't much care for the snow and cold. When they hear the door handle "click" they both come flying down the path and come through the door so fast that they both skid along the passage floor :). Your pie and husbands "snap" sound great. Do love pastry too, delicious. Fishballs in curry here tonight, cheep'n cheerful. Thepatterns look lovely, Summer sewing, sounds great. Had to laugh when you compared yourself to an onion - due to all the layers :). Grew up in a VERY cold old farmhouse so l recon we all looked like onions during winter :-). Stay warm, take care, Pam in Norway x

  10. When we moved just 10 miles from Derby to DerbySHIRE we came across the word snap. both for pack-ups and also for the free food the landlord puts on after a skittles/darts night. "They do a good snap at the cross Keys"
    I'm looking for dress patterns for my granddaughter at the moment. they are so dear when new. Non so far at the CSs
    Toad in the hole for us tonight.
    keep warm

  11. My husbands food for work (sarnies, pastys etc) is always called his "Snap" as in I will ask, "What you having for your snap tonight/tomorrow" The fact I come from Yorkshire is probably the reason though, I do think its a Northern thing.

  12. Don't, I've joined the fat club lol! Fortunately, I'm not a big pastry lover. It's bread and cheese that can be my downfall!
    Love the cats' face and markings. xxx

  13. just about anything is better for having a pastry hat or wrap, and better again if swimming in gravy or custard, depending on the filling. Yours look so good I could almost smell them.

  14. Here on the Isle of Wight a snack is called a nammit. (No Meat).
    Has 'The cat' got a name?

  15. Hi Victoria I sent you a message on google not sure if you got it?

    1. Hi again Victoria, I was just wondering when you do your house clearances and auctions if you come across any compacts you want to sell in good condition, I might be interested thanks Marlene.

    2. Thankyou you Vicky, I have only just started got a Stratton Thistle one in the charity shop a few weeks ago and bought another Stratton one from a fellow blogger, but I don't mind, so if you have any give me a shout thankyou so much, love Marlene x


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