Saturday, 17 January 2015

Just A Quick Hello ... And Pretty Snowdrops ... To Cheer ..!

Hello there ... 
Just a quick post tonight..

 I just had to share these .. they are so pretty

 Bobbing away in the breeze. 
They are on top of a wall amongst the rough twiggy stems of the brambles ..

Every year they pop up .. without fail ... a little brightness against the grey of the cold landscape.

No snow here ..

Its very cold though ... 
and the log pile is getting smaller by the week ...

 We find what we can .. 
scrounge and forage any .. and all timber ..
 to supplement the logs and keep the wood burner going.

 Too cold to do much out doors .. 
we had to load the van for tomorrow's trading .. and I fished about for some bits to put on eBay.

Just look at this pretty lady..

She is one of a collection of Vintage Welsh Lady dollies .. all in need of a bit of TLC .. 
but lovely all the same .

Funny what we find stashed away in tins and boxes.

And who remembers these .. 
I clearly remember having them fastened in my hair .. and being warned 'not to loose them'.

Well that's all for now .. 
Take care  xx


  1. lovely snow drops, it will be about a month before any pop up here.
    love the little ladies, and I wore the barrettes too!
    cold here tonight, rain and snow headed here tomorrow.

  2. How lovely to see the snow drops, they look so pretty. Mine won't be up until April. Thanks for sharing. In need of some spring. Thanks for sharing all the goodies too, remember the hair clips :). Pam xx

  3. I wonder why we called hairclips like that 'slides' ? Just in Suffolk? They used to come in all sorts of different designs and colours. I've nearly always had short hair so never used them often

  4. Called slides here in Derbyshire too Sue.
    I had one exactly like the long pink bobbly one.
    Keep warm

  5. You and I are much of an age I think - I remember those hair slides. On my friends - mum didn't blow the housekeeping on fripperies! I had to make do with a Kirby grip . . .

    It's good to see those Snowdrops showing their pretty faces - it gives you hope that spring isn't too far away, though you would scarcely believe it this morning! No snow, but perishing cold, and rain has frozen into ice on the car two days ago and never thawed (we didn't venture out yesterday). Keep warm.

  6. I haven't seen my small patch of snowdrops yet, don't think the chickens have rooted them out!

  7. Love the snowdrops, I have some little shoots coming up in my garden although I don't know what they are. I know it's only mid-January but I'm sick of winter, I so want it to be spring :-)

  8. No snow drops here for months yet!
    I have a lot of those bits of dolls and barrettes and the like..need to re home them before I die, as the boys will toss them..I am an awful pack rat!

  9. oh I remember those barrettes!!! I had them too, we must be close in age, your dollies are so pretty, stay warm my friend, your flowers give me hope that spring will come to us as well, eventually, in May!

  10. Hello! I am Sue from the U.S. and I found your blog through another blog and I love it! To me the best blogs are all about people's days, ordinary or extraordinary. I found that with yours. I have gone back and read them all (I am a fast reader lol) and loved all the wonderful puttering you do. I have visited Britain once for a brief time and LOVED it. It was always my dream to go and now spoiled old me wants to go back! Anyway, I truly, truly enjoy your posts and look eagerly for the next one!

  11. Saw my first snowdrops on Friday on a traffic island in Norwich. When we lived in Holyhead we used to go to the nature reserve and see them there - beautiful in drifts. Moving to Norfolk we try to go to Walsingham Abbey to see them there, acres of them. If you google it you can see the pictures. Haven't been for a few years but hoping to get along this year. However, due to arthritic knee will not be able to walk all the way round but will till be able to see lots. Have also heard that Anglesey Abbey near to Cambridge has a lovely display as well. Yes, I'm originally from Derbyshire as well and I can remember slides as we called them.

  12. Hello,i love the hair slides!!!,my goodness they have revived old memories we all had slides like these,and may i say we were all very fashionable(for our age anyway).Your garden is looking more alive than mine,its lovely...take care.Una.x.


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