Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spring Went Walkabout This Morning.....

 Hello there .. well what a day ..
We've been working .. trading as usual at the Mona Car Boot Sale.
.. ..a good day despite the Spring going walkabout ...

Boy did it rain .. and rain ..and rain some more...

And last week we had some super sunshiny days ... just look at this pretty Hellebore ...
 pinking its little socks off..

This is a Three Cornered Leek .. 
another pretty .. dainty little allium .. 
these pop up everywhere in my garden .. love um ...

And the Bluebells ... how early are these ..
have you got your Bluebells showing yet?
Some years its as late as June before we have the Bluebells ... maybe its because we've had a mild winter.. its been wet but we've had no real frosty cold spell.
Not that I am complaining they look a treat.

So .. what have we been up to ...?

Well its been all go here .. not all so easy for 'some' of us..
I've had to take Hubby P 'in hand' somewhat .. and brave entry into his workshop...
I promised myself I wouldn't do this... I wouldn't want him interfering with my sewing stash ... but to be honest ... poor man..
he has been a bit overwhelmed with work ...
and the workshop ... well frankly .. a tip.
It needed a firm hand .. iron resolve .. and a lot of bin bags...
and there we are ... room to work .. 

We spent a few days re-vamping some good old furniture.
This 1950's Windsor chair looks fresher.. clean and homely after its makeover.

This delightful set of mini steps was sold as soon as Hubby P took it out of the van ... to grace a shop window and help display bits and bobs ...

I enjoyed giving these a bit of a new life .. a new identity..
As 1940's Utility furniture .. they are stamped 1948 .. they were a good shape and sturdily made .. but tired looking .. well they had lived through some pretty tough years.
I searched my fabric stash for something a bit unusual .. something striking ... and this 'asian-y' style print 'spoke' to me..

A bit different than your more usual floral .. thought I.

I had a rummage through Hubby P's paint stash ... now we could get to it .. and found a pretty soft green that complimented the fabric .. and away I went.
I was pleased with the result ... maybe a bit wobbly as to ..
 'was it a bit too unusual .. do people prefer the usual floral's..
 are  floral's easier to mix in with other furniture etc' ..
But a lady just loved them .. and they sold the first time out ..
so lesson to me .. just trust my first .. my crafty instinct.

I even found a little time to do what I love ... bit of sewing.

This little cushion is made from a length of deckchair fabric I saved from a dead chair .. nothing goes to waste.
And after a good old wash it looked as fresh as ever and made a lovely jaunty .. sailboat-y cushion ... 
very summer-y!

Just a thought ..if you like follow what we do as work ....
 what we find .. 
what we revamp ... up cycle or whatever 
we do have a Facebook page.

We are called  Graig Trading ...
you can get to it from my Facebook link at the top of this page 
(I think)....I know some of you have similar interests to ours .. the Facebook site is just about work... whereas here I just like to waffle on about my ramshackle life .. and just .. well stuff..

and show you flowers ... I love flowers ... 
who doesn't like flowers ..

So here we are .. a few tulips for you...

take care .. bye for now x


  1. Bluebells ... they seem early this year, like everything else. I love the way you transformed the furniture.

  2. you have the best job, I saidd it before, I know, lol, your garden looks amazing already, I really like the Asian fabric you chose, is perfect!! The chairs will sell quickly!

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  4. Lovely makeovers Victoria! Your life may not always be easy, and I know that you work very hard, but it is a lovely life, and you are own boss, which is worth millions in itself ... love your flowers and thanks for the tulips, my favourites!

    Love Claire xxx

  5. My hubby is the same about his workshop. He won't chuck anything out if he can help it, but there are piles of paints, open toolboxes, cabling...there is space to put one foot inside his shed and that is it! Like you say, I wouldn't like him to sort my sewing stuff out, so I'll tread carefully. Love the revamped furniture and cushion. Thank goodness you recycle these items, it's well worth all the effort.

  6. Love all your creations Victoria. I have popped over to your facebook trading page and "liked" so I don't miss anything. Hoping that I will soon be near enough to visit your stall, I would cross my fingers but have too much to do. It is pouring here so I am sorting through the DVD mountain today.

  7. You've worked hard and some great things there - I'm now a follower on Graig Trading : ) I have a pile of old distressed embroidered tablecloths and what have you to give new life too, but the garden is my first priority right now.

    I am amazed at your early Bluebells!

  8. Busy Bees!
    Love your cushion, very nautical!


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