Friday, 11 April 2014

Nice To See The Sunshine .. It Makes A Girl Happy!

Hello there....
what a lovely day we are having here .. 
the sun is shining and the birds are singing...
how lucky we are..

The sky is as blue as blue and we've been watching the birds way up high .. 
gliding around just enjoying the day..

The buds on the lilac bush are growing daily .. won't be long before they burst forth with all their wonderful scent... 
and early too I should think.

The Honesty is already 'doing its thing' .. what a wonderful colour .. so very pretty.

Hubby P ... almost as bright and dazzling in his ultra orange boiler suit ... although it looks like he needs a good ol'wash.
He too is doing 'his thing' in the garden .. this sunshiny weather is great for painting jobs.

Hubby P spotted some of these .. well similar to this sort of thing .. in one of those Shabby Chic shops...

So I had a bit of a go .. its all a pretty montage of vintage papers and a few vintage buttons.

Something a little different .... cant decide whether I like them or not ..

Now these are something I do like .... I have lots of them .. they are useful and pretty .. and 'fit for purpose' ... they hold the clothes in place well .. the fabric helps grip the clothes.

I cover the wooden hangers with vintage retro fabric .. often bark cloth ... they are popular and sell well .. I have one lady who likes to collect them.. she has one of each fabric I use ..
I think they are just a little bit of prettiness for a girl to use daily..

Its even a small enough project to do sat in the garden admiring the flowers and watching the antics of the birds.

So that's us this last few days .. just pootling along..

I will leave you with a pretty pic of the Bleeding Heart .. this is one of the little plants I chose to sit atop the resting place of our dear little Fly .. its flowering away and looking pretty ...
We think of our little dogs .. Fly and Uncas a lot .. its nice we have good strong memories of them ..

'God gave us Memories 
that we might have
Roses in December...'

Bye for now ....x


  1. you vase creations are very chic! The bleeding heart is such a beautiful tribute to your beloved pets, its so hard to say goodby isn't it, you have the best job you guys! AND you so it so well! Preserving the past, recreating, reusing, what an amazing thing you do, it must be so much fun, SO much work too but so much fun, your lilacs will be beautiful, I love lilacs we are a long way from having them here we still have snow,

  2. Ahhh wish we could spend a day chatting with you in the garden, the sunshine makes you feel good doesn't it ?
    Twiggy x

  3. Some lovely things you and your husband have been creating. I am currently trying to "de-smell" two nice imported patchwork quilts which someone sprayed with about a gallon of Fabreeze and then put in a sealed bag . . . Yuk - I detest the smell of Fabreeze at the best of times . . . Think I may have to go in search of a large volume washing machine (mine's too small).

    Your Love Lies Bleeding is pretty. I had one but it didn't swim well enough to survive in my garden . . .

  4. I love that quote Victoria, so apt ...

    I do enjoy seeing all the projects you get up to, boy, you're busy!

    The garden is looking lovely, and can't wait until that lilac is ready for picking ... there's nothing lovelier in a big earthenware jug!

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Love Claire xx

  5. Looks like a beautiful sunshiny day!

    I hope you received my message via Ebay to let you know that I received my tea towels, thank you so much!

    I love your coathangers - do you sell them via Ebay? Although I am currently on a no spend as I'm trying to pay off the credit card! I do like pretty coathangers though :)


  6. Sounds like a lovely day in your sunny garden.

    We call those flowers "Lady in the Bath". Turn the flower upside down, gently pull the outer pink petals apart and you will see the white (naked) lady inside!

  7. It's nice to see you both being creative, and especially nice that it's outside in the sunshine now :-)

  8. Just stumbled on your lovely blog where spring is springing . The picture of your lilac reminds me of my mother. She grew up in Germany where the lilacs grew.
    Alexa from Sydney, Australia blogging at


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