Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Just Me Again .. Like Buses ...

Hello there ...
I know .. I know .... just like buses .. none for ages then two come together..

Sandie's Patch asked to see a bit more of the slate planter .. thingy.
Hubby P made some of these for me years ago .. I think we saw it done on Gardeners World ...
Its fairy simple .. just bits of slate .. bottom and sides .. drilled and fastened together with copper wire... just like putting together a box.
 This one is a more adventurous with a pointy bit and five sides .. they are made from old roofing slates.

I had them planted up for many years .. with herbs and the like ... you have to line them with hessian .. or in my case old pillowcases .. its all I had at the time. Otherwise of course the soil/compost falls through the rather large gaps at the corners.
 They look really nice planted up .. just thought I would have a change and I like the contrast of the terracotta with the slate.

So what of today ...?

Its amazing what a Girl finds when she decides to clear out under the sink ....

Now when and where I bought these potatoes I cannot remember ... and why did I put them under the sink?
It must be an age thing ...
Anyway there they were .. happily sprouting away ...
So ...in the spirit of 'Waste Not Want Not' .. I found an old feed sack .. poked some drainage holes in the bottom and planted some of the potatoes in it.
I had an old tin bath ready for planting so some went in there too ... don't know how they will do ... but they have two chances ..  hopefully I will get a few 'freebie'
  spuds from them.

And of course we worked today ....
We managed to buy some nice stock ... thought you might want to have a peek ... its amazing what is still found in old attics .. this lot was from a lady clearing her Aunts house .. and an old garage of all places.

A whole lot of beautifully had knit jumpers and cardigans .. the 'Vintage-y' young women like to wear these over their Tea Dresses and floral blouses (and jeans) .. some nice skirts and things too.
They have been through the washer and are drying nicely in the afternoon sun.

Perhaps not quite the right time of year .. but they will keep ....
a collection of  faux fur coats .. one is real fur ... not everyone's taste I know.

And just look at this lovely brooch .... sparkling away doing its thing!

And to top it all ... 
a nice Bowler Hat .. in great condition ...

Pity about the model .. looking a bit worse for wear these days ...
still I do believe its very fashionable to do/take? a 'selfie'
isn't it ...
Hubby P has gone out on another job this afternoon ... so its a long day today ... I think we can treat ourselves to a Chinese takeaway for supper.
So that's us ... what have you been up to?
 .. the sun is shining here ..
all is good. 

Bye for now x


  1. great to read your posts again , i love the cardigans , i am a vintagey no so young women and i love hand knitted cardigans a few weeks ago i bought a couple from a jumble sale not so pretty as yours though xxx

  2. Love that your jobs are fairy simple!...I need a few fairies in our garden...love the slate planters!...

  3. Thanks Vicky for sharing the slate planters. Just need some real slates now, got the copper wire! (wire from some old electrical cabling that was removed when I had a new shower fitted at my previous residence - waste not want not!

  4. I`m wondering if we could use some leftover roof tiles to make some planters - thanks for the idea.

    I love your vintage clothes finds and I`m sure the vintage buyers will too.

  5. You are so creative, you should write a book with all your creations and adventures!! I really like th planter and I I always say this, YOU HAVE THE BEST JOB!!!!!! The treasures you find!

  6. I didn't realise Stan and Ollie had a much younger sister ;-)

  7. Love the planters and may make some up here (have some broken slates and Keith will have wire, for certain). Great haul with the vintage woollies and I bet those will fly off your stall.

    We have had one of those days where money takes wing - especially when it comes to car repairs and what have you - but the car now has another year's MoT, and we got half the week's food shopping done today whilst it was having new tyres and a gizmo fitted etc, so that is progress.

    Now I have a box full of harness brasses (ovals and rectangles off cart harness) to polish up before the Fleamarket next weekend. A bottle of wine will help the task though, I'm sure!

  8. Spring is in the air at last! I am always amazed at the things I find at jumble sales and charity shops. Lots of items were made to last, not fall apart after one use.

  9. I've got lots of tiles which I 'acquired' when my neighbour was throwing them out. They had been put around a pond. I didn't know what to do with them but that is a good idea! I'd forgotten about the holes. Good thinking.

    You know the saying, 'fur coat no knickers?' as my Mum used to say.

  10. It makes my day to see a new post from you..I know you will have photos of my kind of things and a few fun comments to go along with them. Vada in Tx.

  11. Hi Vicky,

    I follow your blog and enjoy reading. Recently, I was fortunate enough to receive beautiful hand embroidery tablecloth and hankies from your stall. My sis in law from Holyhead brought for me.


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