Monday, 31 March 2014

Just A Quick Catch Up .... Just To Say Hello!

Hello there ...

Sorry its been a while .... what can I say ....
we've been having techie problems.
The Internet died on us .. 'Oh No !

Luckily it coincided with the arrival of a child ... a grown up .. and very responsible one .. I might say ... Good job! .. he 'took us in hand'.. and dealt with the situation.

he did that .. talking a Internet-ty techie/foreign language .. to another young techie guy .... or various .. and ordered a new router .. the bit that had died?
Anyway ... all is sort of sorted ...although my laptop (well Hubby P's really) ... does not like this new router .. and refuses to talk to it here I am trying to blog on Hubby P's steam driven antiquated PC.
I find this all a bit difficult because of my dodgy neck ... a long sorry saga .. I won't bore you with .. but just to say bloggy posting may be a bit hit and miss until I persuade the naughty laptop to speak to the router...
Hubby P did say that my 'throwing the b****y thing through the window' .. would not help ....
so Please bear with me..

 Meanwhile ... life is good .. we potter on ...


 Last week we were kindly given some free wood .. always welcome and stacked up ready for next winter ... this is where a big van is so useful ..
not always so when we want to park somewhere quickly.

 Hubby P gave it bit of a spruce up after a wet and muddy job ... good job he knows how to wield a sweeping brush .. he's found its the best way with such a big van... bucket of water and a brush .. can't beat the old fashioned ways.

Whilst he was picking up the gifted wood he spotted this old battered teapot ... buried deep in the stonewall .. part of the wall had fallen down (perhaps with all the rain and frost) and the little teapot was peeping out .. yes .. I know .. why bury a teapot in a wall?

As you can see it has seen a bit of life ... old and battered and it was full of soil .. but Oh' how I love it ...

...and just see how pretty it looks with a few flowers merrily doing their thing.
And before you ask .. I have rubbed and rubbed this little pot well .. if there is a Genie in there .. he's not showing himself to me.

I treated myself to a few spring flowers .. they were so cheap at the car boot it seemed just rude not to ...

This bit of sunshine has done wonders for the garden .. all is blooming its little socks off.

Anyway .. enough of me for now hope all is well with you and you are making time to do what makes you happy ..

Bye for now x


  1. So glad to see you back in blog-land. My main PC has just gone belly-up (they're only wonderful when they work properly!) so I'm on my son's laptop. As he's in Oz, he doesn't need it!

    Loved your new use for the battered old teapot.

  2. I love what you did with the kettle. We are still in Arizona but soon going home to Canada where the snow at our place is almost 4 feet deep. We will need someone to plow out our driveway. It made me smile to see your flowers!

  3. Welcome back to the world of blogging, I wondered where you were.
    Technology - Oh what fun!

  4. Lovely to see a post from you, it seems a long time since we caught up with Anglesey life :)

  5. Hi there, was only looking for you last night, worrying that everything was ok. Glad it was only a techie problem. Loving the flowers, at least there is a little sunlight now and again to make them look lovely.

  6. Thanks for all the nice comments .. its nice to be back in touch with you all. x

  7. Yeah! are back..loved the teapot and the flowers.Glad you still have your sense of humor.Vada in Texas,USA

  8. Missed you, really pleased your back, your blog is one of my favourites, x

  9. Love the little teapot too! People think I'm mad when I drool over old battered things, but I really don't care what they think ... you've given it a new lease of life and very lovely it looks too, replete with its spring blooms xxx

  10. Nice to see you back with us :-)

    Love your little teapot, it's amazing what people bury, we've just unearthed a whopping big Belfast type sink halfway up our hillside, stood on it's side on a concrete slab!! Now it's mine ... all mine , I'm happy.

    Your garden is looking lovely.

  11. Lovely photos!
    Couldn't help noticing what looked like a storage box made out of slate and wire..........can we have a closer pic of that please? It has your little terracotta pots in.
    Cheeky so- and- so am I not?

  12. So glad you're back and it was only techie problems, not more serious life things. I love the little pot and I know it feels grand back in the light and all spruced up with flowers. Everything is looking very spring-y at your place.

  13. Your battered old teapot could tell some stories! It looks much prettier now in its new life as a planter. You have a lovely garden of spring flowers.


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