Friday, 28 February 2014

A Day Of Sunshine ... Thrifty Doings and Make Do and Mend ...

Hello there ....

Well .... a spot of sunshine!

I must say it got me all excited and raring to go ...
we got all togged up (still a tad cold) ... and ready for a day playing outdoors .... an outside jobs kinda day.

Its nice to see the garden stirring after all those damp dreary weeks.

This little flower ... Coltsfoot .. reminds me of 'home' ...
Springtime ...when I was a child walking the lanes to school .. or running home ... these little flowers starred the sides of the lane.
They are a wild flower ... found on poor stony ground .. it took me ages to establish them in my garden. 
 This strange little plant sends up scaly little flower stalks .. and blooms long before any leaves ... and the leaves are a 'colts foot' ...bit horse shoe shaped.

Lovely bright and sunshiny coloured.... 

Little sprigs of Tansy .. an old herb ... bitter tasting .. used in the old days to add to dishes as a tonic .. to 'stir the blood'...
I think that might be a step to far for Hubby P ... he says 'his blood don't need no stirring'...

Hubby P set about fitting what he calls 'French doors' .. to the chicken shed. I just asked for a wire/mesh door so they could look out .. and get some fresh air in there. Hubby P found an old folding screen and a roll of wire and made a rather fancy folding door ... the chickens said they were most impressed!

Next up he set about making them some nesting boxes from an old wooden box.

This was much clucked over and tried for size ... we will see tomorrow if they have deemed it suitable to actually lay in.

The next project .. when I have found some chicken wire .. is a covered run at the side of the chicken shed ... its all coming along... its a case of Make Do and Mend here ..

everything that's needed comes along ... eventually!

Whilst Hubby P was doing the nesting boxes ... and he didn't need me to hold wood/nails/wire or whatever .. I pulled the very last of the scraggy leeks.
Mind you there was enough for a good pan of soup ... so that's tonight's tea then.

I weeded and dug over where the leeks had been .. and scattered a trug full of bedding/litter ... from the chicken shed (all nicely enriched with chicken ... you know what).
A bit 'fresh' really .. but I thought .. well its got a good few weeks to all rot down before its planted up again.

I covered the area with an old mat ... help the rotting down and suppress the weeds a bit. 
Just need that sunshine to up its game a bit ... the days a bit longer .. and it will be planting time.

This years leeks are up and will soon be raring to go.

So .. thinking of teatime ... a big pot of leek and potato soup ... and digging deep in the freezer I found the last bag (of last Spring's) nettles.
So they were added to the soup .. give it a bit of a zip.

That reminds me .. the bagging up and freezing of tender young nettles worked so well last Spring .. I will have to get out there and replenish the freezer .. free .. super nutrient rich greens.
Just make sure you pick away from roadsides to avoid any nasty fuel/smoke pollution ... and of course anywhere where dogs may have ... well you know.. all common sense.

So for tea ... on our laps in front of the fire .... 
nice warm soup with fresh from the oven bread rolls (AF bread mix ) and rustic cheese scones.

Ohhh.. it has been so nice to sit out in the sunshine ...

I do hope its been sun shining for you?

xx bye for now  xx


  1. Lol , that made me laugh , his bloods thick enough , sounds just like something my dave would say , i have been planing for two weeks to start sewing my seeds in the sunny bedroom window,hopefully if i am well next week i will start and blog about it , have a good un ( weekend that is ) xxx

  2. The sun shone here too, but the wind was very sharp. Your cheese scones inspire me to make some as well.

  3. Lovely,lovely lovely stuff!
    We are having a bit of sunshine here at the moment after a good frost.
    My rainbow chard is growing well again so, will have a steaming some time soon!
    Happy St. Davids' day!
    Sandie xxx

  4. We have has sunshine in South Staffs too, I got a call from Hubby saying why didnt I jump in the car with daughter and come and have a look around the booty where he was doing his stall.....I wasnt keen but made an effort and ended up minding the stall while they went for a stroll !! Have to say the sunshine was warm and welcoming and I could hear the baa-ing of the sheep in the next field.....a few familiar faces dropped by and in the end I was glad gave myself a push to go, it was fun ! Need to get in our garden too !

  5. here in Colorado it is snow. snow. snow. would love a pocket of sunshine to play in - maybe next week?-)

  6. Lovely cheery post, doesn,t it make you feel good to be alive, when the sun is shining and the spring flowers are popping up around the garden. Then a lovely warming bowl of natures bounty and a homemade cheese scone...wonderful xx

  7. Wholesome soup and cheese scones after a day's hard work in the fresh air ... perfect!

  8. How lovely - coltsfoots and tansy growing away and the nettles almost ready for soup!

    Your hens look very happy in their new homes :-)

  9. I'm surprised how much more advanced you are on Anglesey than we are in the West Of Ireland, our daffs will be another week or so.

  10. we are still buried in snow, deep deep snow, the sight of your green sprouts is wonderful, you hens will be very happy!

  11. wonderful post, every time I read your blog, it cheers me no end!

  12. just checking on you, hope all is well,

  13. I'm missing your posts. I, too, hope all is well.

  14. Missing your posts, hope you are okay xx

  15. Hope all is okay with you - missing your posts too

  16. Just checking on you too - hope everyone is ok

  17. Hi Victoria,
    Just checking.....same as Laurie ( above). Hope you are well.

  18. I hope everything's okay, you've been missing for a while now.

    Take care. xx

  19. Missing your blogs, hope you are well. x

  20. We miss you, hope everything is going well. Looking forward to seeing a post from you.
    Take care.
    Pam in TX. xx

  21. Hi Vicky .. hope everything is ok? missing your posts in my news feeds.. AFM xx

  22. Hope you are o.k. up there on Anglesey. I love reading your blog and looking at the photos. Hope it won't be too long before we see you blogging again.
    Love Doreen. x

  23. I just recently started checking in on your blogs and was hoping you are alright there in your cozy home and town. It's been awhile and that's ok, just hoping all is well. Thanks for the posts on all the goings-on in your daily lives. Reading them has given me something to look forward to. Thanks again! Phil/Minnesota

  24. Hope you are ok...let us hear from you.

  25. hope you are ok , missing your posts and comments xxx

  26. We like leek and potato soup but I have never added nettles to the recipe sounds a bit prickly !! I have some wild garlic in a pot that adds a zip to things - best wishes - Jane

  27. I have never tried nettle soup although I have tried hawthorn salad with very fresh young leaves - it is delicious, nicer than lettuce I think. .


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