Monday, 7 October 2013

All About The Wool ... And Who Will Humpty Together Again ? .....

Hello there ... 

Yes .. its been all about the wool for me today .... pretty bright colours ... lots of ideas for crafting.

 Although this little lot is destined for the car boot .. I  sell a lot of sewing .. knitting .. crafting supplies .. and my ladies like a nice bag of inexpensive wool for their various projects.

Now and again Hubby P finds these boxes of half used wool .. and I bundle them together in handy bags. This week a box of wool came in ... it was mostly cones of wool (for machine knitting I think) .. I find it hard to sell like this ... the yarn is usually too thin.

So I took it outside ... sat on my bench and whilst watching the birds and bees go about their business .. I balled it up using two strands of yarn. Some of it was two different shades of colour .. but it looks pretty and will knit up in an interesting mottled look.
Ideal for blanket squares and the like.

I sell it 'cheap and cheerful' ... its enough to pay to keep your hands occupied. A lot of my ladies knit and crochet to keep their hands moving  .. they suffer from arthritis and what not ... and the knitted toys/blankets/baby clothes are given to various charities.

So many people doing so much you know.

 Found this little fella .. 'Humpty Dumpty' in the bottom of the box looks like someone didn't get the chance to finish him.
I don't like to dwell on how or why .. could be a bit of a sad story .. but its a shame for Humpty ... he does need 'putting back together again'!

Along with Humpty there was a whole bag of unfinished dollies dresses .. little people like things .. well all sorts of bits and bobs .. and a doll to dress.
Now ... I don't knit ... and I am not really inclined to this sort of thing ... so does anyone want to help out and put 'Humpty back together again'?
What I propose is to post the bag of unfinished projects to you (UK only please) .... you can sort out what you can and perhaps donate them to some fundraiser/charity event.
This way the lady who started Humpty and whatnot ... 
will live on ..
 in a way ...
 it may not be just a sad ending...
 and a waste of wool!  

Leave  me a comment if you fancy the 'Humpty Dumpty challenge'... if there are a few people interested I will draw a name as per ...
I will leave it a week before I do a draw.

Poor Humpty ... !

Bye for now xx


  1. Humpty did make me smile. My brother and I had a large fabric Humpty when we were young. I remember leaving him out in the rain on several occasions and my brother chewed his pom pom nose off. Poor humpty, I don't know what happened to him!

  2. I'm afraid I'm not the girl for the knitting leaves a lot to be desired! But I do hope you get an offer to put humpty together again.

  3. I hope you find someone to take on the task, I live across the ocean!I think its so kind of you to do this, you are a sweet heart! You find the best stuff!

  4. Iam not a big knitter these days but looking at poor Humpty it seems a pretty straightforward job, and I still have all my needles.

  5. If poor humpty is available I am the woman for the job:-)I love knitting and crotcheting(sp) hving just finished a kingsize blanket:-)


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