Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Bread and Cheese .... Thrifty Trade!

Hello there ...

Busy busy day today selling at the car boot ... we are lucky here and the carboot/market trades right through the year ... 
So .. a bit tired when we got in this afternoon ...
the thought of cooking a big meal is a bit too much.

 Trying to be a bit organised last night ... I made a big pan of (use it up) soup.
It took but a few minutes when I got in to make a loaf of soda bread ... nice and fresh.
And some nice cheese ... what more could a body want for a tasty meal.
I always try to have a nice bit of cheese in ..
 you can do so much with it ...
I know it can be expensive ...
 but we are very lucky 
 we have the Cheese-y Man!

On a Sunday at the carboot Mona we have a little man ... 
well he's quite big really..
 and his nice wife.. 
who have a wonderful cheese stall ...
 so many different kinds .. local and whatnot ...
 a Girl could go mad spending her pennies!

We like to try a different kind of cheese each week ... and I think as long as we make it the focus of the meal .. then its no more expensive than say having a pork chop or piece of chicken.

Another good thing about the Cheese-y man is that he will trade with me ... 
another old fashioned .. out of date/fashion tradition.
We are happy to do this on a small scale amongst the other traders ... I think its makes for good relations amongst the people we work closely with ... we get to know a little more about the other person ..what they like/need .. things they may use in their lives.

The Cheesey -man is always on the lookout for nice clean baskets for display and hampers ...
 so if I come across any I get them and trade with him for a nice piece of cheese ... it works well!

Another lady trades her excess sewing stuff/stash (she use to have a shop) for bags of wool to knit for her grandchild.

Anyone else busily trading? 
I would so like a LETS group in this area but there doesn't seem the interest .. 
so I will just carry on in my own quiet way. 
I know some of you have a LETS ... do you think it works well?
have you many members? and if so what kind of thing do they offer ...
The last time I looked into it the things on offer were a bit well .. not very 'everyday' and practical.

Anyway enough of my waffle...

 Oh .. you may as well have these pic's ... just a little something I found today.

I thought they were delightful ... hand made a good number of years ago I should think.
The work that has gone into them is amazing ... not sure what their intended purpose was ... they are bags ... but very nice bags ... any ideas?

Off to bed now...

Bye for now x


  1. I like the idea of trading, harks back to times when there was a more community feel about the way people lived. The bags? perhaps home made for fruit picking?

  2. Our local LETS has about 85 members but I reckon only about 20 trade on a very regular basis. I usually trade out my time/baking/preserves etc. This week I am alpaca and chicken sitting for someone and have agreed a trade on a lovely handmade quilt which I will use for a gift. I have had all manner of things from LETS, from foodstuffs to someone hand crafting me a wooden dog gate, electrical work, paving flags, furniture, sewing classes, reflexology sessions,pheasants - the list is endless. Sometimes we trade outside of the LETS framework as not everyone I trade with is a member. I find it invaluable and will always look to LETS first if I need something before I buy it :)

  3. Hello Victoria, I've never heard of LETS, but think I'd probably like it if it's thrifty!

    I love cheese too, my current favourite is Wensleydale with cranberries, my lifetime favourite is Feta. Oooh but I love nice Stilton too! (crumbled into broccolli soup).

    Those bags are lovely ... if I had them I'd probably use them to keep tights or undies in, in the bedroom.

    Am going to look at LETS on Google now, might start a local group!

    Thanks for the tips ...

    Love Claire xxx

  4. Cheese......don't get me started!

    Going to look into the LETS thingy.
    Already 'trade' or barter whenever I can, swap my makes for eggs,jar of jam for windfall or good apples etc. Gives you a sense of community, at least I think that's what I mean.
    When I lived in Derbyshire, a neighbour used to cull rabbits on a local farm, in return I'd give him a home made chilli con carne 9sometimes with rabbit meat), he'd also bring the occasional duck,pheasant or grouse. He moved away to Scotland, then I moved to Leicestershire, miss the exchanges!

    I wonder if those bags were for a wedding, the larger one for the bride or maid of honour and the smaller one for the bridesmaid or flower girl?

    Wish we had a local 'boot here all-year round that I could walk to with my shopping trolley LOL!

    Sandie xxx

  5. Lets sounds lovely. None here in the US...
    Your car boot is great in that it goes on all winter, but I can sympathise with you in the cold weather. You deserve some cheese..and trading for it is that much better!
    I like the above suggestions for the blogs. They are beautifully made, someone put in a lot of work!

  6. My Granny kept her stockings in a bag like those, and her pretty "Sunday" hankies. Our nearest LETS is a bit too far away and there are really only skills traded, perhaps I should offer a quilt for some plastering that needs doing.


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