Sunday, 16 December 2012

Santa Baby !!..Pink Boots...

Hello there ....
Just thought I would share today's delights with you.

Look what Father Christmas brought me... 

Well ... it was the parcel man actually... this year I am working closely with F. Christmas ... we are working on a new initiative ... actively seeking to reduce air miles and ...
 a) lessen the stress and work exhaustion of employees...
 b) work within Health and Safety guidelines to promote and achieve optimal animal welfare in the workplace ...

Thus the parcel man it was ... and he delivered them wonderfully ... a lovely gift from the ever thoughtful Hubby P ... 
New Work Boots! ?

 A nice Girly pink .... although they are described as purple.... a bit of a lilac colour there.
So they had an outing today .... a little stiff with newness ... but nice and bright and jolly on a cold grey day.

How do you like them... are they too pink?

This afternoon I had a bit of a play about with some vintage velvet and pretty lace.

I found the lace panels/ inserts ...whatever.. the other day and thought how pretty they would look as the focal point of a nice cushion ... or bag or ... well ... something I could look at and admire (rather than me stash the lace in the storage cases ...with the other goodies waiting to be made into something lovely).

I had  some wonderfully deep blue velvet .. a skirt ...vintage .. a teeny tiny size with some damage ... so I had saved it for the fabric.
I spent some time carefully stitching the lace to one of the velvet skirt panels.. ready to be made into a pretty cushion.

The lace panels are all different in shape ... should make a nice collection of cushions.

 I found these dinky doilies too ... they are a rather pretty greeny/aqua colour ... they may make a nice addition to the new look cushions ... I'm on a roll now!

I found a bit of nice green velvet too ... 
So many choices .... 
Good job we have a few days off .... it gives me time to indulge myself and sew .... and it!

So what have you got planned ... any time for crafting?




  1. Lovely cushion covers. I've got some old sweat shirts and jumpers that I've been meaning to turn into covers for AGES! And the boots are wonderful. Great colour.

  2. "How do you like them... are they too pink?"

    They are fabulous, I would wear them! I have purple suede desert boots :-)

  3. ooooooooooooooooh I love those boots. Am I too old for a pair though? ( circa 1950s)

  4. Saw your blog on Thriftwood's blog roll and it saying Anglesey, had to have a look.
    My father's family come from the area, my aunt lived on Anglesey until she died several years ago, and as a child I holidayed at the Trearddur Bay hotel, this was back in the late fifties.
    Love the boots... I had some purple DMs but sadly can't wear them any more. Still, I like looking at them!

  5. Great boots! I'm sure they look perfect on you! I love bright colours, they make life so much more joyful, don't they?

  6. I think I've done all my crafting for this month. Love the boots and they're certainly not too pink.
    Love from Mum

  7. They are really pink! Lovely. Can we see a picture of you wearing them please?

    I once had a pair of lime green boots, the name escapes me but they had a left and a right red dot on the soles. Oh yes, Kickers.

    When I was 20, I think I was the first person in my town to be seen wearing tall, flat leather EMERALD GREEN boots, rather daring in the 60s.

  8. Your boots are beautiful! I love them!
    Judy xx

  9. I love those pink boots. Yay for pink.

  10. Hello! I've come over from an old post comment at Frugal Queen... I have a tiny bit of Welsh blood in my family from someone so had to visit your blog.

    Then...PINK BOOTS!!! How awesome are they? Add in the pretty fabric and bits, and I had to immediately sign up to follow you. Well done!


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