Friday, 28 December 2012

Just a Quickie .... Back to The Same Old!

  Well  hello there' ... yes indeedy .. a load of old parsnips..

with all the glitz and glitter .. looking a bit sad .. the excitement over ... that's what we are left with...

a load of old parsnips ... big sack full.

It was nice while it lasted, seeing friends and family ....hope you all had a nice time.

It is nice to have time to do a bit of sewing ... I got a few of my cushions made .. here's one odd photo for now, I'll try and remember to take some more. 

I'm struggling a bit ... my laptop is poorly sick and in with Mr Fixit ... so I am using Hubby P's steam operated machine ... so it may be a bit of an odd/bitty post. I'm hoping I get my laptop back soon ...

Just to introduce ...

A few new members of the Allsorts household ... these little cuties were in a box as part of a house clearance .... destined for ... well ...who knows where ...the 'dog toy' box ....Oh heavens.. No!

They were a little grubby ... well loved... so they have had a nice wash and we are just getting to know one another.

No names as yet .. any ideas?   

 And a bit of pretty ... flowers for Christmas ... I do so love yellow roses .. what a treat.

And just look what I found .... being on Hubby P's computer .. and nosing around ...

So ... come on ... tell me ....can you guess which one is Hubby P?
he he..
And how long ago was that! ... gosh he must be old .....ha ha!

But you know what ... thank heaven for Hubby P ... silly shoes an all..

I'll leave you with some more of my pretty sparkly roses ...
take care for now ..


  1. OOh, they were snappy dressers, those Teds!

  2. Gosh, but that photo takes me back a bit ... I remember a neighbour's son wearing teddy boy suits and he clearly thought he was the bees knees :) Your cushion is very pretty and I like your medley of rescued animals - the wee dog could be called Scottie. I love yellow roses too as they signify joy and gladness - quite appropriate for this time of the year. I wish you and yours health, happiness and prosperity in 2013. Elizabeth xx

  3. that is a huge parsnip!!! You found some lovely treasures, I'm not sure which one is your husband but they sure are dressed lovely!

  4. Parsnips make great soup, and they also curry well. And I love them roasted. You won't starve while you have a couple of those to hand!

    I like your plush friends. No clues on names, but I expect they'll tell you eventually.

  5. I love looking at old photos they take you back in time. They all look very smart in that photo xxx

  6. Your cushion looks great, the lace really stands out against the dark background.

  7. I've been looking for the silliest shoes!!! Is Hubby P in the middle at the front?
    Love from Mum

  8. Yep Mum! you got it in one! Hubby P is holding the record.


  9. Love a yellow rose. Specially one that has perfume. I have one here but have no idea of the name but you can smell it as soon as you walk in the door.
    Because we live in the tropics, veges and fruit are expensive and can't be grown all year round so I buy frozen when they are on special. What won't fit in the freezer I dry. I pop them straight on these mini window screens we've made specially and pop them in the oven on low temp with the door open a little. No need to thaw them.

    Then after they are brittle dry, I vacuum seal and put away. Onions taste yum in casseroles and soups after being dried.
    Take care and I'll catch up more often as I'm on my way up from the grief of my sister and nephews' deaths in the US. xo

  10. Hi there, first time ive commented on your blog! I think its a great blog, full of different musings and Im interested in every one of them, keep it up!. Kind regards.

  11. Hi, I live in the United States and I love your blog. You might think your everyday life blogs are boring, but they aren't. I enjoy reading about things other "regular" people do every day. Thank you!!

  12. The teddies are called Blackie (the cat)He was made by a lady who couldn't get out of bed... Pinky (The elephant...he had a grubby eye from max factor, in about 1982 he got into a fight with another teddy and came off with a black eye...he became much more peaceful after that!) and the cat is called Victoria she was stitched at school in Heytesbury with Miranda Domeney's mum who then embroidered her face,in the expression of looking up to the sky with a surprised mouth! How lovely that they have fianally had their 15 minutes of fame thank you and bless you! x


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