Friday, 14 December 2012

A Sprout's Kinda Day ....

Hello there ...
Been a grey sorta dreary day here ... that time of year ..

The mundane is ever with us...

Remember this pic of my sadly eaten Brussels sprout plants ... well I left them in the ground to see if maybe they would at least sprout some top leaves we could eat .....something would be nice...

Well they did us proud ...considering the hammering they had from the caterpillars.
Hubby P cut the whole things and brought them into the house ....they were beginning to droop over the path and trip us up ... and they have done their job. 

 Not a fantastic crop ... but hey ... I didn't think we were getting any.
They are a bit on the small side ....fiddly to clean ...but I gave them a good soak in some salty water to kill off any creepy crawlies.
I must say I was pleasantly surprised ...six or so good dinners worth. Hubby P wanted to be assured that I ment as a side vegetable ... not simply a plateful of sprouts for dinner!
Although he does eat up his sprouts ... we like sprouts in this household.

Its inspired me to try growing more veg this next year ... especially in pots the door.. where I can easily keep an eye on them and keep them watered.
Any ideas ... whats good to grow in pots? whats cheap and cheerful?
I've just been looking at seed ....heck ...what a price...and the  thing is I really don't need 200 seeds just to plant up a pot or two.
I need to do a bit more looking ...there must be someone who does smaller packs.
I'm kicking myself now ... last year ...not having time to do much gardening ..I gave away my tin of seeds ...some of them would be still okay to plant.
Never mind ... I will keep my eyes peeled for the odd 'Old Gent' selling packets of seed at the carboot ...its amazing what some of these nice old boys have tucked away in their sheds.

On a completely different note .... I got a sudden urge yesterday seek out a crochet hook.
I think it was reading one or two blogs ... Frugaldom I remember as one ...
Anyway ... everyone seems to be making these wrist warmer/fingerless glove type things.

So I thought I would have a bash at it ...

Don't ask me how I did it ... nothing remotely resembling a pattern was involved ...kinda .. freestyle crochet.
They seem very warm ...
I shall try them out tomorrow.

Anyway onwards and upwards ... hope you are battling the cold and wet okay ... keep thinking of spring and the garden ... we have just got to have a better summer this next year.



  1. Amazing! Was thinking how I used to wear fingerless gloves as a teenager earlier this evening! They were great when I was studying and could not afford heating! x

  2. Ooh I love sprouts ... can't understand why they get such a bad press! Mine were well and truly decimated ... first by the caterpillars, then by the chucks!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Claire xx

  3. Our sprouts ere eaten alive by caterpillars too but I left the plants in same as you and we should get enough for christmas dinner at least with what has regrown, they are small but perfectly formed.
    Fay over at The Wind and the Wellies blog usually sells small packets of seeds by post for the reason you mentioned.

  4. Good news on the sprout front...I love em!!

  5. Hi Just popping back with a link to Fay's blog for the seeds in case you didn't find it.

    Just pop her a comment about it.

  6. Just picked the rest of the carrot crop today. Curly fries have nothing on our curly carrots! But they taste good, so that's the main thing
    Judy xx

  7. Lovely gloves. Why don't we do a blogland seed swap in the New Year?
    Twiggy x


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