Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Yes We Have More Bananas .....We Have More Bananas today ... boom boom!!

 Hello there.... sorry its been a while .... we have just been so busy .... with family 'stuff' ... life ...and that never ending 'work stuff'.

So not a lot to show you really....but today's frugal bargains... 
and Yes! 
You guessed it ... it includes Bananas! 

 I think I shall soon start to look like a banana.

But I am always very glad to make use of something rather than see it go to waste .... so when Colin the veg says ... I have a little something for you ..... whats a girl to do but smile sweetly and say 'Thankyou very much'.

So more bananas it is .....

 Who remembers this from School Dinners .... Yummy ...
Manchester Tart
Another dressed up banana affair .... what a treat for pudding tonight.

Now just look at these scrummy Damsons .... all the way from the Vale of Evesham ..... we have not a one on the trees around here ... terrible year for fruit.
I was getting quite desperate for fruit for jam ... even the blackberries are very poor ... and to be honest I just haven't had the time to go out picking.
I wouldn't as a rule buy fruit for jamming ...makes the jam too expensive .... but I got these for a real bargain price and of course.... a share of the jam goes to Colin the veg.
So that's tomorrows job.....just hope I have enough jars ... 

Not much happening on the sewing front ... again time is the problem. But I did pick up some rather nice vintage towelling curtains from Rosy's stall at the car boot ..... lovely and bright and ...well ....vintage-y.
I just love this towelling for tea towels ....so I unpicked all the hems and  chopped each one (there were two) into four tea towels.


As you can see there was a pretty blue one and a funky orange one.
 I sat and hemmed them by hand as I caught up with your blogs ... 

I love a bit of bright colour in the kitchen ... something nice to look at whilst I do the hum drum washing up and whatnot. 

I thought I might have a bit of a .. Thrifty Snippets Giveaway...
who would like a cheery funky orange tea towel from the vintage towelling curtains, or perhaps you would prefer a pretty blue one.

Leave me a bit of a comment on your thrifty thoughts and/or doings and I will pull a name out of a ... well... out of a something... next Tuesday (18th Sept)....don't forget to mention orange or blue.

Just thought a bit of a Giveaway would cheer us up ... bit of fun ... this cold windy, rainy weather we are having here on Anglesey is no fun ... me thinks winter is on its way.

Bye for now xxx take care xxx


  1. I wonder what all those plum growers down Evesham way are doing. They have a plum festival every year in Pershore, and it's really good but like you say some trees have almost NO plums. And there aren't many apples on the trees either. I think it's the weather we had in Spring, got rid of all the blossom.
    I can't think of any thrifty tips, although I always pick blackberries even if there aren't many... I just love the taste of wild blackberries. And it does help that they are free!!

  2. As always I enjoy your blog. It is just so darn interesting! I save all my dryer lint for the birds to build nests and also it is a good fire starter. Cheersdec

  3. You know one thing we did have this year on our allotment was plums. A handful of pears and some goosegogs but we did have plums! I know what you mean about having a cheery teatowel to brighten up your kitchen. Some can be little works of art (to my poor deluded mind!). Both colours are great. xx

  4. Manchester tart is my hubbies favourite while I have never heard of it before.
    At the moment I'm in the process of chopping up some old clothes to make in to a small quilt. Theres a bit of all sorts in it off clothes from most of the family.

  5. I am about to look up Manchester Tart....
    Many years ago I worked with someone who was married to a German woman who used to make Banana Jam.
    My husband loves banana custard - sometimes I glam it up a bit putting bread and jam on top - then popping it in the oven....it looks and sounds like a car crash but is delicious.
    Apparently you can freeze bananas - to use for cakes later on - perhaps you could try that to spread your glut?

  6. Love the Tea Towels, - wierdly (or not) I have been making some myself from this awful bath towel that velcroes around you, but just seams to stick itself to anything and everything, so it was chopped and sewn into 4 new tea towels, I really must throw out some of the grey holey ones now!
    I have not had the usual bags of fruit offered to me this year, but did make a load of Lewon Curd when Tesco's had bags of organic lemons reduced to 10p!

  7. You've just had a glorious week of sunshine on Anglesey - I know, cos I was there. Maybe you were too busy to notice.

  8. Sunny, cool and absolutely gorgeous here in the US! Love to hear what you are up to ! I am trying to use up the fabric I have accumulated over the years: keep on telling me what you are making, please! I need the inspiration! Also have lots of quilt tops I have bought cheaply years ago that I need to quilt!
    Enjoy the bananas!

  9. Oh wow, Manchester Tart was my favourite at school. I hope you had jam underneath the custard.
    Love from Mum

  10. I have to agree that the blackberries are very scarce!! I want to make blackberry vodka with them....as well as jam!!! I picked up 2 packs of banans for 10p each today at tesco so a couple of banana loaves will be made tomorrow!!!

    Take care and Nos da xx

    Natalie xx

  11. Just recently found your blog .Love it especially as I only live in Bodorgan . Haven't read it all yet . Do you dry any of your fruit and veg ?.I bought a drier last year and love it to bits
    especially for drying Bananas pinapples mangos and peaches when they are on offer also fantastic for fruit or fruit and yoghurt leathers.

  12. Oooo I love Manchester Tart, I love Damson jam too - I always get the urge to make jam and marmalade in September, perhaps it's an Autumnal, nesting kind of thing? Thanks for your get well wishes lovely lady.
    I think both jolly tea towels are lovely.
    Twiggy x

  13. I love reading our blog!! We've got some good blackberries here in this part of Cornwall this year, and this morning I got up at 7am - (gave up my Sunday lie-in) to go and pick some more!! Your tea towels look great - especially the orange ones! Christine


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