Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Jam Sponge Kinda Day ....!

Hello there ... 
hope you have had a good day .... rain and thunder here .... there's a surprise!

 I spotted these lovelies this week .... £1 a bag .... a bargain....what a treat. 
But what a thought .... Spring so near .... just around the corner ... just where has the year gone?

I had that kind of day today .... a pondering sort of day.

Hubby P was away working his little socks off ... doing a house clearance .... always a bit of a sad job when it is helping a family dispose of the belongings of their mother or father. It can be emotionally draining and of course physically tiring .... anyway suffice to say he was away doing his job...

Too wet to play outside so I decided to bake.

I gathered my baking equipment together ... now you can see I don't go in for anything fancy .... I must say I do have a bit of an aversion to anything loud and noisy .... don't much go in for anything choppy..whirry...spinny...etc.

This is how I was taught to bake ... and I can do it in my sleep ... its as second nature as ... well i don't know ...whatever else I learned as a child!
I grew up in a home with out electricity so an electric cake mixer would have been useless anyway ... a mixing bowl and a spoon ... its all that's needed. 

 I fancied a bit of jam sponge and custard.... I have this jam from Approved Foods ... I think its sold to hotels etc .... no fancy packaging .... designed to be presented at the breakfast table in a pretty china dish. 
Anyway its just fine ... not quite as good as homemade of course but for the price ... just great.

 I just put it into jars ... its jam.

Made a very nice jam sponge.
I lined a loaf tin with greaseproof ....  put some jam in the bottom and then sponge mixture on top ... popped it in the oven ... baked ...

 Turned it out and pulled off the paper ... nice sticky and jammy!

I made some more Banana bread with the very last of the bargain bananas .... they had just about had it ... but fine in the cake.

Just enjoying my jam sponge and custard and having a listen to the  Carpenters... who remembers ..?

Another sad story .... another lovely young woman beset with her own personal demons .... 
 Enough for now ..... take care xx


  1. The sponge looks very tasty, brings back memories of school. Karen Carpenter had a wonderful voice x

  2. Delicious looking and tempting sponge cake! Can`t bake any at the moment due to dieting.
    Sad loss of a brilliant voice. Karen Carpenter had such a distinct way of singing, so timeless.

  3. It's ages since I baked anything. I still make jam though. We'll be in Anglesey next week and I'm planning to bring good weather with me. Promise!

  4. It all looks yummy! And I have that CD, too!
    I must confess I would have gone with your hubby to clear out that house: I love that kind of thing!

  5. Your sponge and jam looks so delicious!!!


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