Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Giveaway Winners and a Quicky Update picture Style!....

Hello there .... I'm sorry its so late in the evening (we've just finished work ) .. but I did promise you the Giveaway Draw for the funky tea towels.

So with the help of my Glamorous Assistant .... otherwise known as Hubby P .... we have drawn names out of a hat (well an old dish actually) but hey .... its all done with the utmost aplomb!

Anyway ..... down to it ... the Winners are ... I pulled  two names from the 'hat' ...

Morning AJ
Mum's Simply Living Blog

So well done Anne and Mum for sending the positive vibes ....
so girls if you could email me your address I can get your winnings sent off to you.

It being late I thought I would just leave you with a picture -ish update of this weeks doings.

Finally managed to get the curtains finished for the summer house.

Not really the fabric I would have chosen ... but hey ... it was a large piece of nice new fabric .... given to me sometime ago and been sat in the cupboard....and has made up into splendid curtains. 

Summer house is coming along now ... and looks all the better with curtains up... I will get some interior pics taken for you ... when I remember!

No time to spend in the garden this week ... it is looking very lush with the heavy rain.

But  there is little left of the sprouts.....

 They have been demolished by these pesky creatures! I have never seen so many caterpillars....must be the damp warm conditions.

All the apples on the tree seem to be affected by blight ... very very poor crop ....most of them have ended up here on the path ...in this condition ... not many apple crumbles this year I'm afraid. 
How's your fruit crop .... is everyone having a bad year? 

 This brave little sunflower was one of the few bright spots in the garden ..... its going to be a long winter.

 At least my Geranium cuttings are rooting ... some nice plants for next year.

A bucket full of goodies from the carboot sale ... and an exciting gift from Hubby P ...but news of that later... 

Its late now and as you can see we are in the middle of sorting stock for the coming week .... I know it looks chaotic ... but there is a 'system' ... or so Hubby P assures me!

Do give me news of your doings ... I get a bit bogged down with endless boxes and work and more work ...

We've given up with the boxes for tonight and I'm off to bed ...

Take care for now xx


  1. Rainy and windy on the east coast of the USA. Good day to work on a hooked rug and do some knitting with handspun yarn!
    Have been sorting through an accumulation of thrift store/flea market finds from the past! I often forget just what I have and it is fun to go through and remind myself!
    Your summerhouse looks GREAT!

  2. I too have been overwhelmed by caterpillars this year, my cauliflowers look like your sprouts!
    Summer house looks great.

  3. Your summerhouse looks fab. Most of our crops have been poor this year - we have had a bumper potato crop though - thanks to all the rain we had, and the onions did well. Everything else has been a massive disappointment. I've been sewing this week - I turned a damaged damask tablecloth into some nice pillowcases, and turned an old embroidered panel into a cushion. I like sewing things for the house when it's miserable outside - feathering my little nest I suppose.

  4. The summer housee looks very cosy. Our lottie and greenhouse has been poor this year. We have lots of lovely shrubs and other flowers but the veg has been rubbish. We've managed a handful of tomatoes and some onions!!
    Twiggy x

  5. Our tree gave us just 5 apples! I made a crumble and very nice it was too. Everything else died or didn't even grow at all.

  6. I'm loving that curtain material. It's my kind of stuff.

    Thank you for picking me as a winner (or thank the glamorous assistant)

    I have mentioned you in Dispatches on my blog today!

  7. What a clever girl you are !! I love your ladder and the vignette' you made with it... And if you ever get really tired of you new curtains- feel free to pop them in the mail to me !! I think that mandarin/pink colour is so cheery.
    The plums are doing wonderful this year, but the apples- kind of wonky as well as 'scaby', but still edible.
    Hope you have a restful nights sleep !!

  8. Agreed with B'ham, plums have been great this year, plenty of plum puddings, but sadly no apples :(

  9. Enjoyed reading about your life in Wales as I live in Minnesota, U.S. Funny how life is similar in many ways all over the world. Great photos!

    In JOY, sandy


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