Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Just A Couple Of Thrifty Snippets...

Hello there .... hope all is well with you ...
And a hello to my new followers ... its nice to think these few words... everyday ramblings ... are winging their way around the world ... for like minded folk to take a peek at.

Tis' indeedy a wonderful thing this ere 'tinternet..

Anyway ... just a couple of Thrifty Snippets for you today.

Breakfast ... can be a bit boring I always think.
It always feels a bit rushed ....and I always think I should start the day with something reasonably healthy .... although last nights leftover curry or stodgy pudding can be a temptation! ... so whats it to be.

I tend to favour Branflakes and they are a fairly good price at 88p ... sometimes I add a bit of fruit .. fresh or dried .... banana has been a regular addition ... I've had one or two about the place.  

But it got a bit boring so I priced up Muesli (shock horror at some of the prices)... the Value Muesli came in at £1.18/1kg... a reasonable price compared to others .... but it is a bit ..well .... same-y/just fairly know what I mean.
So I had a rummage in the cupboard and found some chopped nuts (  Approved Foods .... cheap and cheerful ... 3 bags for a £1 ..I think) ...I added a good old sprinkle of them to the bag of cheapo muesli.
I scrunched up a few handfuls of Branflakes and added those....and a goodly amount of sultanas (Value range ... well a sultana is a sultana!)
Gave it all a good old mix up .... and you know what ...tastes a darn sight better....
I chopped and added to my breakfast bowl .. a couple of ready to eat prunes .... yes they come in Value Range too ... I like a nice Prune ...they remind me of school dinners. 
So now I have almost twice the volume of what could pass as a very posh muesli ... very nice ...a change from Branflakes ... although it will be porridge weather soon! 

Just had to show you this .... this flashy toaster has made Hubby P's week.
A couple of weeks ago our old and trusty toaster died ... Hubby P was in a panic ... how would he manage (toast is about the only thing he can manage/chooses to make himself ....)
He spoke of buying a new cheap-y one straight away... but I would have none of it ...just wait said I would come along.
After all its what Hubby P does...he does house and shop clearances all the time... lots of electrical's pass through his hands...most of which are in excellent condition. 
I swear the world has gone mad ... so much 'stuff' thrown away ... often because the colour scheme in the kitchen has changed.... or it hasn't got this years whizz bang modification.

And come along it has ... maybe its a bit RED... and it doesn't really match ..well...anything else in the kitchen ...but hey makes a statement!
....and it makes toast ....much to Hubby P's delight.

Just a quick word about Approved Food again .. I notice they still have this on ... margarine in a tin (in the Tinned Goods section) I didn't know you could get margarine in a tin...did you?
I thought I would try it ....handy I thought to keep in the store cupboard ... and cheap enough at 3 for 99p (450gms/tin).
Anyway I tried it ... maybe a bit basic for spreading on bread ... I do prefer Sunflower spread (or butter if I'm feeling rich) ... but better than some of the Basic/Value margarine's...good and solid ...not watery...if you know what I mean.
I used it for baking and it was just splendid .... its worth getting some on your next order and giving it a go ... and it will keep well ... its in a tin! 

Well enough wittering from me ... its nearly breakfast time again.

Whats your favourite frugal dish?
 ... do share ... I think we all get bored with the same old dishes frugal or not.

Bye for now xx take care xx


  1. Gosh I really am going to have to get an approved foods order in. It always makes me laugh when people want matching things in their kitchen and get rid of perfectly good stuff cos they don't match! Good toaster, well done.

  2. Wow, that toaster looks great - nice and bright on a dull day.

    I was brought up to not bin things until they were really, well and truly broke although we did splash out on a new, up to date t.v. after ours went to black and white.

    Wish we had "Approved Foods" here in N.Z.

  3. not had muesli for ages,

    frugal meal - pack value bacon bits, makes three meals
    1) a good old fry up
    2) quiche
    3) bacon and mushroom pie

    Josie x

  4. The marg in tins was a blast from the past. Husband used to bring it home from scheme. It was a staple in Army pantries 'cause the guys would bring home whatever was leftover.

  5. Kraft dinner with hamburger and peas. For lunch egg salad sandwiches with cut up bologna mixed in.

  6. The toaster is great but I would forgo the marg! I would rather do butter or nothing, with all the strange things that are out in food now a days!
    My frugal find of the week is a free donkey who will be a buddy for our pony and the free sheep!

  7. Now the weather's turning cold again I'm back on baked potatoes. Filling and healthy. Great with baked beans poured over the top (or today's was with low-fat soft cheese and a tomato.)

    I regularly make my own museli. I chop up a few dried apricots into it, or sultanas, or dates, or prunes or apple rings. I buy a bag of dried fruits of different types every week and you can mix and match without using too many of anything. And it's sugar free!

    If you mix it up with fruit juice and leave it overnight all teh fruit plumps up by the time you eat it. Mmmm.


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