Friday, 27 July 2012

Just a Catch Up....Chutneys..Jams..Cupboards & Stuff

How nice to see the sunshine .... hurrah ...lets make the most of it warms me old bones just lovely!

Just a quick catch up ... and a few pic's ... we all like to have a look at a few pic's ... take an interest in others doings, at least I do. (well .. that's the polite way to put it..  he he)

Pretty flowers from the garden ... I know we moan about the rain, but everything is growing like fury.

I had another load of rhubarb the other day... and a bag full from a kind friend ... just how much rhubarb crumble can a girl eat? ...don't answer that 
...especially with cream
 .. or custard about raspberry ripple icecream
  .... oh yum yum
... enough  ... enough!

Anyway I got out the trusty Big Pan

Had a rummage in the freezer and to the rhubarb added some apple and gooseberries, good slosh of water and simmered /softened them... put them through a jelly cloth.
To each pint of juice I added 1lb of sugar and boiled it up.

Very slap dash and 'make it up as you go along' ... but you know what its the most yummy jam/jelly
...just didn't make enough if it!

 Waiting for the boiling jam to jell I stood gawking out of the kitchen window ... it must be the most 'looked at view' by the majority of womenfolk....

(Dont look at the mucky windows)

I'm lucky I have nice green space to look out on .... admittedly a lot of it is weed at the moment .. but its pretty weed ...and its my weed.

Hows your view? Do you too enjoy your weeds?

There should have been some photos of an enormous bag of beetroot here ...I knowww! 
I just so know how to tease you ...I really live it up here....

Unfortunately the camera was 'sick' ....something about having to reconfigure the card ... I don't really know ... Richard just 'fixed it'...I was supposed to be watching and learning ...but hey!

I know how to make Chutney and jam ...what more do they want?

The beetroot was given to me on Sunday afternoon....Colin 'the veg' (Greengrocer extraordinaire ....he has a stall at the carboot sale) was packing away as I sidled over to snaffle any bargains.
 I had bought my bag of bargain veg when he asked if I could 'do anything with' the had been bagged for sale and was sweating a bit in the bags and getting past its best. I took it thankfully and boiled it up Sunday evening in the Big Pan.

Next day I riffled the cupboards and freezer to find 'interesting' things to throw in to make a Fruity Spicy Beetroot Chutney, again...make it up as you go along.

It made a good 7 large jars...being chutney it needs to sit for a few weeks to develop its flavour ... so we will have a tasting in the Autumn with lots of tasty hotpots and shepherds pie.

Of course Colin ..'the veg' got his jar of chutney too.

Bit of a problem with the food situation in this house .... major problem has arisen since I have discovered Approved Foods ...I think I get a bit carried away ...we seem to have masses of 'bargain' food ....and no cupboard space.

Hubby P came home with this dinky little meatsafe/cupboard the other day ... 'just the thing' I thought ...and it will fit just nicely next to the other cupboard ...the one that is full to bursting with good bargain foods.
I gave it a good wash and a lick of paint ...and guess what was sunshining, so it dried in no time.


Its ideal for storing jars of produce ...funnily enough I have one or two jars of chutney past me ... and some jam....and the way the garden is growing no doubt there will be more goodies to squirrel away for the cold winter months.

Is it just me or have you started your jams and jellies?

Bye for now ..... take care x 


  1. It`s a bit early for me to be jamming. I shall start in September when I go blackberry, crab apple and elderberry hunting, again.

  2. I love being able to look out my windows and see FLOWERS~ even enjoy some weeds (deoending what they are!)
    Love your home where everything is old and used...I have a HUGE stack oold enamel bowls and trays that I use for everything....

  3. Next month for the hedgerow stuff. (though I have quite a bit put by already from previous years.)

  4. beautiful flowers.... oh a bit of jamming!

  5. Love your view. Mine, too, just out over the fields. Best was a vacation house we had twice a few years ago - the ktichen view was over the sea - I had no problem at all doing the dishes :-)


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