Friday, 3 August 2012

Rain!.....Oh come on ....really.. its Summer for goodness sake!

Hello is it with you ....don't tell me .... you have a drop of rain!

I'm tired of it ... just can't get any outside jobs done....

 The dogs are tired of it ... poor old girl.... Fly feels the damp in her old bones and really didn't want to leave her bed until I lit the fire and she could doze in front of it.

 Percy the Pigeon is tired of the rain .... he's taken to roosting in the woodshed at night and wandering the garden during the day.

He didn't want to leave his roost this morning in the downpour that was the daylong weather ... so Hubby P gave him breakfast in bed .... you can see the remains of the grain on the logs if you look carefully.
I think I have gone wrong somewhere ..... Can't say I remember when I last had breakfast in bed! 

 Even our comings and goings through the gate and Uncas ... 'Gate Guarding' as he does ...even in the rain/snow or whatever.. given the chance....couldn't shift Percy.
For those of you who have followed the saga of Percy ...he is a lot better and quite a happy chappy moochin about the garden, his wing seems to be stronger and he has an attempt at flying now and then but its not great. 
I don't know that we can do any more for him ... hopefully he is a little safer whilst he stays in the garden.

Even Hubby P is tired of the constant rain....he sits in the doorway ....his favourite spot....watching the rain ....

 He had company today or two little birds sheltering under the apple tree .... and can you see him .... sat watching Hubby P Hubby P sat watching him....

 Directly across in the tatty old tool shed.....

A little bird ... sheltering from the rain....

Well that's been my day .... to be honest not a lot done .....rain stops play as they say .... 

Any excitement in your lives ... what do you do these rainy days?



  1. Gee you are certainly having more than your share of rain. Hope it goes away soon and you have a pleasant Autumn...

    There is plenty of sunshine here :) It is feeling a lot more like spring today...even the birds sound happy :D

    It has been a colder winter in Australia this year, and they are forecasting an extremely hot Summer :/


  2. The one saving grace that I can find for all this rain is that at least I am not using my own water for watering the plants.

  3. I'm eager to get in my garden and the rain keeps coming down! My garden is like a jungle from all this water

  4. I`m bulk cooking today.
    My jungly and soggy garden will have to wait until I have another few days off from work.

  5. I have to admit I do love a rainy day as I have lots of projects to do inside and feel guilty doing that if it is sunny out! That being said it makes a lot more barn work as the animals stay in and the stalls get dirty faster!Right now damp, hot and fogggy here in PA, USA!
    I have TONS of eggs to use up so off to make some quiche to freeze; apparently the hens love the heat!

  6. It has been dire! I have got all sorts of jobs done around the house though, and have been finishing off knitting projects but it saps all your energy and enthusiasm!


  7. It's been raining off and on here, too, one minute brilliant sunshine and the next a downpour.
    Love from Mum

  8. Well, we're off to Rhosneigr for a week in Septmber and I'm hoping to bring some sunshine with me. Can you wait that long?

  9. After getting burnt to a crisp yesterday, the rain has arrived here too - pah !!
    hope you're keeping out of mischief !!
    twiggy x

  10. It's when the ducks start sheltering that you know it's got really bad ... hoping it doesn't come to that:)

    It really used to get me down when I lived in ireland which is also rainy like your part of the world. . Even London has been grim the last few months and usually we have better weather than the rest of the UK. Hoping some sunbeams come your way soon.


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