Friday, 29 June 2012

A Wild and Weedy Garden of Delights....

A lovely day today.. the wind did rage ..and ragg the trees but we seem to be in a sheltered spot...

 so it was nice to spend some time moochin in the garden.

Will picked a whole heap of Elderflowers ... they smell just so delicious...the air is scented with them.... they are just so 'Summer'.

Whilst I tackled the Gooseberries .... big.. fruity... juicy berries to give a zing to our pies and puddings!

 Hubby P espied me at my picking from his shed/oops sorry 'workshop'....and not wanting to be left out ... it is a very Summer-y thing... a nice 'Harvest Natures Bounty' kind a thing...he tackled the bushes with gusto!
He tells me he is a natural because he knows for a fact ...'He Was Found Under a Gooseberry Bush' .... its perfectly true his Mother said so!
As we picked I began to think that maybe it was a good idea to foster this 'picking the Gooseberries' being a manley ... 
rugged even...sort of thing to do...afterall the bushes were very, very prickly. If anyone was going to be scratched to death and have a bad back ....well... these manley sorts can bear it that bit better than me.
Of course I will make the puddings and pies!

 We had an awfully big dish full...

 Just look at this little lot ....they looked and smelled amazing ...such bounty ....we are so lucky to be able to step into our garden...our own little bit of Eden ....and harvest such wonders.

Whilst I wandered the garden ... and brushed past the plants the Lavender gave up its scent strong in the fresh sun warmed air.
I couldn't resist a bunch for the house. 

The sound of a chainsaw shattered the fragrant stillness of the garden ....I went to investigate and found Will sawing logs ready for the fire.
Free wood! ... always a thrill...
Will had done a 'Tree Job' the other day and brought home some of the wood....the people whose trees were thinned don't have a wood burner ....and were happy to give the wood to Will... lucky for us.
I must say some of it was burnt tonight ...we are still lighting the woodburner ....its chilly in the evenings ... and it dries the washing. 
The wood is/was Ash burns green.... doesn't have to be stored/seasoned/dried out. 

What did I do with my bounty?

Well the Elderflowers are at this moment turning themselves into Elderflower cordial...a wonderful fragrant drink ... It will keep well and give touch of summer in the dark cold months.
A cordial ... we dilute it with plain water, fizzy water, vodka if you like....or even poured over icecream....its lovely.

The Goosegogs I 'topped and tailed'...what a job...I did notice Hubby P managed to wriggle out of that one... very busy 'making a living' was his line..
Anyway they are in the freezer ready for future use ....I may make a bit of jam...and the rest will be used for fruit crumbles, pies and the like.
Anyway ....what have you been doing today? how is your garden growing...I noticed my Sprouts are doing well with all this rain ..

Do drop me a line/leave me a comment ... like to think I am not just babbling on to myself!..

Bye for now x


  1. Your harvest looks wonderful. I haven't had gooseberries since I left U.K.

    Free firewood sounds great and being able to burn it green even better. I had a free load delivered this week and am now using the pot belly stove a lot more. Free hot water.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day harvesting :)
    Could you tell me what it is you do with your elderflowers to make a cordial .. I have a tree in our garden and I'd hate the flowers go to waste.
    I did make an elderberry jam last year, that one didn't go down too well in our house but the turkish delight kind of thing I made from the berries, everyone loved ( even though it was extremely sticky )

  3. My husband is meant to be in charge of gooseberries - it's part of the deal - he tops and tails and I make a cobbler but of course it doesn't always work out like that..
    I hate the hairy little monsters but he loves them.

    Loving your wood action. I am trying to organise a load of logs to be delivered for next week....

  4. Hot as heck here in the Eastern US- the air is so hot and heavy it is heard to pull it in your lungs! Air conditioner has been put in (for the dogs!!)
    Love your "gathering" mode! I shall stay in and hopefully sew after a visit to the vet hospital to check the progress of my sick Welsh corgi...yes, I AM out there reading and enjoying your blog! Thanks!

  5. Mmm, I can actually smell those lavender!! :) What a bounty! Those gooseberries look great!

  6. Oooo lovely, we attended Twiglet's sports day yesterday and I have a very sunburnt neck and shoulders -ouch !!
    Spent the day at my Mums today - it's tipped it down all day but everything looks so lush and green
    twiggy x

  7. What a bounteous garden you have!I love elderflower too.Mum used to dip them in batter ,fry them in butter and sprinkle with icing well as making cordial.

  8. Enjoyed your gardening adventures! Your gooseberries look lovely! My gardening these days is limited to pots so I'm a bit jealous! Our weather here in the U.S. Midwest is HOT HOT HOT...and not cooling off much in the evening. But I'm not complaining. Our winters are so long that this is a much needed respite.
    Have an enjoyable week!
    sandy ;)

  9. Your garden looks so lovely and productive. Ours is a jungle and all edible things seemed to have died or been eaten by slugs and mice. M x

  10. We're battling with the snails and slugs here but have managed to harvest gooseberries, kale and strawberries. Keeping an eye on the potatoes and tomatoes at present!

    Hope you are having a lovely week ... :0)


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