Monday, 25 June 2012

Finds ....Flowers ... and Craftiness...and A Surprise Visiter!

Hello ...

Just a few pic's of this weeks finds...I should have blogged/posted much earlier but I have spent lots of time sat on the bench outside watching the birds, and enjoying the sun.
I do hope the sunshine is here to stay for a while...

How do you like my new basket?....well its an old basket really...bit battered and little unravelled ....bit like me!
But I thought it a shame not to bring it home and enjoy it for a can moulder its life away looking pretty with some of my vintage terracotta pots. 

And how about these vintage buckles for something amazing .... Hubby P found them in an old battered tin .... now there's an exciting project in the offing... what can I make that will show off their fabulous-ness?

 Hankies...who doesn't just love a nice crisp fresh hanky ....I found a pile of them in an old suitcase...bit musty....bit of a good old boil up in an old pan and they are just fine. There were very many of them so I have done the usual ...some for me and some on ebay to help restore the funds spent in buying them.

And a bit of Craftiness....

 Last week I had someone ask me if I had any pincushions for sale ...knowing I was a crafty-type person. 
Of course a body never has what one is asked for! ... so I thought I ought to make a couple...or three....just in case!
I just used some odd teacups and scraps of vintage fabric ... worked well I thought....quite pretty.

Sat in the garden...
...of which I have done a lot of today...lazy mare that I am ..the air was filled with the scent of Elderflowers...lovely.

 Great creamy ....frothy heads of flowers...the size of dinner plates.

I have the makings of Elderflower cordial ...just have to pick a few lower heads ....maybe tomorrow.


Well....Hubby P has just walked in with Happy News ...
Guess who's back?
...or should I say happy to stop have a chat and his picture taken.

Do you remember Geoffrey....and the Geoffrey family?

For those of you who don't have the plesure of the aquaintence of ...the Geoffrey's
...they are a family of mice who live quite happily, in the garden, under an old Belfast sink. They venture out of an evening to munch on any titbit's left by the birds in the birdhouse/feeding table. 
Hubby P spends many an evening chatting with them as they munch on varied delicacies (rice is a favourite) and he.... Hubby P has a cigarette. I think they know him from the smell of the cigarette smoke and are quite happy to go about their business.

Of course now we have no cat you remember we lost Charlie Cat earlier this maybe there are a lot more little Geoffrey's than in past years....I know we have lots more birds.

Anyway nice to see Geoffrey out and about again, and happy to be in the limelight!
Who knows we might get to meet some baby Geoffrey's soon....I'll keep you posted..

Bye for now x  


  1. Love the pin cushions, what a good idea. Love Geoffrey too, what a sweet thing. The terracotta pots in the basket is a lovely touch, looks so pretty. Don't blame you for wanting to just sit in the garden, we have to take the good weather when we can get it!

  2. You can hardy call yourself lazy if you've been producing and arranging all that stuff. I love the basket with the pots in. And the pin cushions are amazing!

  3. What a lovely idea for the pin cushions. Nice to see the little mouse. How`s the pidgeon doing, by the way?


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