Friday, 22 June 2012

Approved Foods Order.....

Well .... the Approved Foods order arrived in no time at all...and apart from my Sister (who's home it had been sent to) having a bit of a panic at just HOW MUCH food there was...and just what was on who's list ...the ordering process was a great success.

Hubby P picked up 'our box full' from my sisters house (just up the road)....and we got stuck in.....just to see what we had got for our £21.

Lots of goodies .... I had ordered things that perhaps I wouldn't have bought from the supermarket because they are too expensive.... would make the meal too expensive for everyday.
Things like nice sauces and fancy nann breads, ready made poppadoms (so yummy with that chopped up salad and a bit of chutney).
I popped the nann breads in the freezer...ideal for livening up our dinners, and the rest stacked nicely in the cupboards.
 Hubby P is looking forward to the Bacon Grill .....I tell you we lead such an exciting life! 
I haven't been buying his favourite Bacon Grill...its just been too expensive from Tesco ...but at A Foods it was just 78p....I will pay that....I think 'He's worth it'

Has anyone had the baking mixes do you find them? and do you find you use them up, being in such large quantities?

I got a large bag of the scone said Savoury Scone Mix so I made a round of cheese scones (well.... I say made ...just added water shaped and threw in the oven!)
The next mix I added a bit of sugar and a few sultanas, mixed with milk and cut into rounds with the nearest drinking glass (so lazy...couldn't be bothered to find the proper cutters).

....They look just fine...if a bit rough and ready.
 So.... the interests of research.....purely to give you feedback on A Foods you understand....I'm sat munching on the sultana scones ...they go very well with mugs of Earl Grey tea ....Hubby P does brew a very fine tea!
Bye for now xx


  1. Since seeing the Approved Food site mentioned on another blog I've shopped there twice .. it's brilliant! The kids can't wait to see what arrived because I'll buy sweets when I never buy them in shops due to the prices.
    Another site I have bought from is Bargain Foods but I don't think that it has as much choice as Approved Foods.

  2. Sounds great - I don't think we have such a thing in New Zealand - must check it out.

  3. I shop at Approved Food too. It's brilliant and they deliver when they say they will deliver. I'm steadily building up my store cupboard and it's costing me very fab is that!

  4. Looks yummy to me. I don't like scones to be too perfect anyway!

  5. all that food for £21 and the scones look nice too! is there a minimum order?

    Josie x

  6. I`ve been looking at this Approved Foods site a few times now, but must confess that I can not find many items I would actually make use of. I can`t see that I would benefit from just ordering 3 different items. Maybe, in the future it might hold more things I would actually need. I shall check on it from time to time, but will carry on shopping locally for now.
    I`m glad for you that you seem to enjoy your food parcel so much.

  7. Thanks for sharing, I've fancied trying them for a while.
    Twiggy x

  8. Yes...I feel its been a successful experience with the A Foods...dont know if there is a minimum order Josie, but then again its the type of order you would do just every so you could save in anticipation of it (thats what I shall do..have another money pot). We did find out that delivery was froo for the first order...every little helps.

  9. all sounds very interesting I might have to investigate!

  10. I haven't ever heard of the Approved Food site but it looks interesting. Probably can't get it here in the US. The scones look delicious!

    I'm your newest follower! Hope you'll stop be for a visit.

    sandy ;)

  11. Vicky,

    Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs. I DO spend more time on my Hob Nobber blog where I share my vintage finds. Sorry I didn't make it clear that I was posting from THERE.
    sandy ;)


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