Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Todays Thrifty Snippet ! Damsons....

Jut a little Snippet of money saving ideas tonight ..... I am trying to do a little something most days, makes me think I am making the most of the hard won pennies!

We're nearly out of homemade jam from last year .... I used the last of the Damson jam (on toast - of course). So out comes the jam pan .....

I had a little bimble up the lane.... in search of something .... Blackberries maybe to go with the apples ...... and look what I found....

Lots and lots of Damsons .... a bumper crop!

I filled the little colander I had taken with me ..... when I weighed them for the jam - 4 lbs ... not bad for 10 minutes picking.

They are being stewed as I blog.... ready for the jam.
Just the cost of a bit of sugar and some recycled jars and we will have lashings of jam to see us through the winter!

An odd pic of my Geraniums..... I think they are so cheerful, I just love this old red one, its one my Grandmother had (well a cutting from a cutting - you know what I mean).

Just had to show you this little Guy ... he popped in for a visit earlier tonight.

Not a brilliant pic .. but we didn't want to upset him too much.

He came flying in ... he is huge... he sounded like a Bomber plane, real loud drone, and promptly fell into my lap.
I was very good..... I didn't scream .... but it was a bit of a eeeeek moment!

Richard rescued him and sent him on his way.... anyone any idea what/who he is?

More Damsons .... the tree is laden ..... think a bit more picking is in order.

Off to stir my Damsons .... bye for now xx


  1. Nothing is better than getting lovely fruit for just a bit of time and labor !! Years ago my Dad & I would go out to the far end of the road we lived on and gather Chinese plums, pears, walnuts, and Italian plums. They were on an long abandoned farm and we had to hack down brambles and fight yellow-jackets. But totally worth it !
    Those jars of ruby/garnet colored jam... Oh it was good !!
    And so satisfying to know what we had 'gleaned' would have otherwise been left to rot...
    Nothing like the sweet taste of Summer on a cold dark morning !!

  2. Love all plums.
    We are blessed with an abundance of fruit around here. One of the tastiest is the Damson of course but, a close second is one called 'Mirabell', a cherry sized plum, looks a bit like an apricot and tastes a little bit like one, devine taste!
    Made a few plum,apple ans sultana crumbles tonight, ate the 2 v.small 'sample' sized ones!
    There was a lot of juice left, even though I didn't add any water, so this went in a jar in the fridge to use over pancakes or ice cream.

    Happy jamming!

    Sandie xx

  3. My Carmarthenshire friend on her Codlins and Cream 2 blogspot has a similar post to yours today. Masses of damsons! They must be having a good year in Wales.

    I`m currently using garden pears and apples as much as I can and I`m making hedgerow jam with elderberries and brambles.

    I have just found your blog ( via Weaver of Grass) and I`m enjoying reading your old posts.

    Best wishes,
    Dartford Warbler

  4. Bugs are such magical things aren't they? I have had quite a few good chats with them ;)


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