Thursday, 25 August 2011

Cheap and Cheerful..... Rather 80's Bathroom .... Todays Thrifty Snippet !

Just a quick Thrifty update ..... I now have a somewhat 1980's orange looking bathroom .... but what the heck ... its clean and bright and cost next to nothing.

The bathroom has been in dire need of a fresh lick of paint for some time so I am so pleased I have managed to freshen it up .... perhaps the colour is a bit 'different' but its nice and warm looking .... and it cost all of £1 for two tins of paint !

And not the thin cheap stuff either .... nice thick creamy Crown Emulsion.

Of course I found it at the car boot sale so it was a bit of risk .... sometimes its all dried up or full of rain water .... but the tins seemed well and truly sealed and for £1..... well ....
I snaffled them up.

As you can see its a warm sandy colour ..... the bathroom suit is just plain white so it looks just fine ..... nice and clean and fresh.

I managed to find a shower curtain too .... all for the bargain price of £1 .... just look at the original price!
I could never justify paying so much just for a shower curtain, no matter how much you pay they all get stained and grubby in no time and they only wash well so many times.

Listen to me going on about a shower curtain .... time I went to bed ... too much painting in a confined space!

Anyway that's my thrifty thing for today ..... and Oh joy!.... there is lots of the paint left .....
Hubby P is enthused with the paint brush ....
He is threatening/suggesting we paint our bedroom with the remainder of the paint ....
it would be thrifty !

Take care x


  1. It's not a bad colour, looks like sandstone!
    Nice and warm and cosy looking too.

    Sleep well and have alovely weekend.

    Sandie xx

  2. It does look warm and goes well wit the white tiles. Just right to cheer up a bathroom on a cold winter day.

  3. Lovely colour, very warming. x

  4. I think you got a bargain there. I love your grandmother's sayings - makes a good poem

    Make do with what you have,
    Don't spend what you haven't got,
    Make do and mend,
    Be happy with your lot.

    Good one.
    Love from Mum


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