Monday, 22 August 2011

Back to Basics .... Thrifty Snippets !

Simple and Basic ..... don't spend what you haven't got, make do with what you have, make do and mend, be happy with your lot ...... Grandmothers principals instilled in me as a child.... just as useful in today's world.

I'm just taking stock of my life.... giving my self a bit of a shake, life is so busy at the moment, but I must live my life on my terms.... as I have been brought up.... otherwise I feel rubbish!

So today has been one of storing what we have lots of, making and mending and taking stock of the finances....

So....... Apples ..... loads of them !

I was tired of them falling on my head or being spoiled and bruised by landing on the path, so Richard picked them for me today.... I shall freeze some, make jams and jellies, and sell a few at the car boot sale (everyone likes a nice apple pie!)

I checked out the Mint growing in the garden .... I have several clumps, so thinking of the 'make do with what you have' I shall use the mint to make Apple Mint Jelly. Goes wonderfully well with meat or cheese.

Assessing the financial situation I realised that I have very little 'Pin money' .... an old fashioned term meaning a little money the housewife could make (eg selling her surplus eggs), or saving from her housekeeping money.... to be used for her needs ie. to buy her Pins.

At one time I could save a little from what I think of as my housekeeping money.... but with the price of food etc going up money seems to be gobbled up.
So its back to good old eBay.... I have always thought of eBay money as pin money, not to be relied upon, but a little extra, I use it to buy gifts, and bits and bobs for my sewing etc.

I found this lovely bit of fabric at the weekend so as usual I have put a bit aside for my sewing projects and put a bit on eBay, needs must as they say.

So pretty, I can't decide what to do with it yet, maybe a bag or purse, or cushion... it needs to be quite big to show off the print.

And..... I managed to get caught up with the washing .... huraaaaah!

Just look at all those socks!

It may be a bit sad .... but it makes me happy to see an empty laundry basket.

As far as the Make do and Mend goes ..... its saved our marriage this week!

We have had major 'Domestic Problems' in the form of Hubby P taking issue with his bedsheets!

It must be said we do share a bed and so I have the same sheet and I have found it to be just fine - as bedsheets go, but somehow on Hubby P's side the bottom sheet would not stay tucked under the mattress and would end up ruched under him, or wound around and tangled up with his nightshirt .... you can imagine his 'indignation'!?

I must admit it was rather a smallish narrow sheet, so I hauled all the sheets out and gave them a looking over.... to be honest they are as old as the hills and a bit worse for wear.... but have you seen the price of new ones!
They have to be flannelet in this household (its the law ... according to Hubby P) so until I can find new ones (reasonably priced) I have to make do. I got the scissors out and pieced and turned 'sides to middle' to make three shoddy sheets into two serviceable .... large and well 'tuck-in-able' sheets.
They may not be too pretty but they are clean and comefy, and hopefully Domestic Bliss will return to the bedroom.... !

Take care ...... bye for now x


  1. Well done you! Does it really matter if they have a seam or two in, so long as they don't irritate your bottom or any other areas!
    My old Dad used to get it in the neck from Mum for 'running' in his sleep, he used to wear the bottom sheet out rubbing his feet up and down...that alone must have got him an elbow in the ribs a few time LOL! She used to do as you have done with the sheet and when it couldn't be used as such, got made into pillowslips, dogs' bedding, cleaning/polishing rags, bycycle cleaning cloths, you name it.

    I wished you lived nearer my love, we have an orchard of really old apple/pear/plum trees and most of it is just dropping off and wasteful. I've done as much as I can and will have another foray when I've 'processed what' in my kitchen and freezer.

    Happy preserving and watch out for the wasps!

    Sandie xx

  2. Oy, I am giggling, my husband too is very particular about his sheets
    I'm afraid we finally resorted to 'deep pocket' sheets which seem to stay put, almost all the time!
    And who cares a fig about the finer things when you can have a bit of apple pie and clean socks?

  3. I have a large bowl of gooseberries which will become a crumble for tea. My apples need a few more weeks but I shall be stewing, freezing, chopping etc for weeks. A few nicely wrapped jars for friends at Christmas too.

  4. This is really funny because I've been doing exactly the same as you. This last week I've been going through my finances and 'taking stock'. I'm not too bad with money and stuff but there's always ways to cut back a bit, everyone has too much stuff in this world and if we're honest with ourselves most of it is crap. I've really enjoyed your post xx

  5. I love this time of year, so abundant. Is it me or does Autumn seem to come around that much quicker these days? ... ;0)

    Finances are on my mind too. Trying to juggle them a bit to save some extra for heating costs this winter.

    Great job with the bedsheets ... :0)

  6. You've just given me the kick up the bum I need to go and collect some of the windfalls out of my garden, at least I would if it ever stops raining. Apple and mint jelly sounds good, I've never made that, though I have a ton of plum jelly and still some bramble and apple left from last year.

    That's a lovely piece of fabric, really pretty. Looking forward to seeing what you make from it.

  7. Wondered where you'd got to missus !!
    We are having a major clear out and sell over the next few months, we are drowning in clutter!!
    Went up to the lottie yesterday and came home with marrows - a dinner and some kind of chutney, big bag of rhubarb, crumble for us, bag for Mum and some for the freezer. Green beans, bag for us, bag for Mum. We've been inspecting the blackberries in the hedgerows but they aren't quite ready yet.
    Autumn is just around the corner and I love to start preparing for the cosy evenings and long dark nights!!
    Twiggy x


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