Thursday, 11 November 2010

The North Wind Doth Blow - and Boy Does It Blow!!

Bit windy ere!!...
Well more than a bit - pretty awful, I am so glad I haven't had to go out in it. I hope everyone is taking care out there.
This pesky wind is finding every little nook and cranny which will let a nasty cold draught in the house. I have so many clothes on to keep warm, I can hardly move!
Thank goodness I am lucky enough to have a nice log fire to keep me warm, I dread to think what some poor folks go through if they are homeless, or indeed just cant afford to heat their home.
I'm glad a chose yesterday to do some jobs outside, it was a pleasant day if a bit cold.

The leaves are coming off the trees thick and fast, I no sooner pick up a heap, then the ground is littered with a fresh fall.
Heaps and heaps of them!

I spent some time tidying around the chicken shed, and putting down Rat poison - just seen the odd one, its all part and parcel of keeping hens - the rats are attracted by the food scattered about for the hens.

The 'Girls' are looking a bit worse for ware at the moment - a bit moult-y, shedding some of their feathers.
Here they are enjoying a bit of cabbage.

I gave their quarters a good clean out and put them clean shavings down, all nice and cosy.

Ahhhh bliss! What more could a Girl want ... full tummy and snuggled down in soft clean shavings! Bit like I feel when I slip into a freshly made bed, with a cup of tea on the side and a nice magazine!

A last dash of colour, a fading rose, the pink standing out against the battered looking green foliage! Are we ready for this winter?
I'm off to raid the cupboards now - groceries are down a bit, I need to shop but I can't face going out in this wind. I think it will be a real scrape together meal tonight - real frugal stuff, I will let you know what I manage to cobble together!
xxx Take care for now xxx


  1. yes it does blow. 40mph right now!
    Mae'n wyntog! x

  2. Tell me about it, it's VERY windy up on our Yorkshire hill. I collected Twiglet from rugby at 4.30 it was dark, windy, rainy,(we practically blew up the road, on our walk home:) it's sooooo lovely to draw the curtains and listen to it howl outside - brrrr. Stay cosy, you lot.
    Twiggy x


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