Thursday, 11 November 2010

Frugal Food ~ Scratch Meal!

I gathered together all the odd bits and bobs - nothing to be wasted!

Cheap and cheerful - instant mash ( Hubby P's favorite - can't stand it myself, so I just make up half a packet for him - thus half a packet in the cupboard) ~ half a packet of stuffing mix ~ tail end of a sorry looking cabbage, shredded ~ bits of peppers ~ an odd potato ~ shrivelled garlic cloves ~ and a couple of onions.

Fry up onion peppers garlic, quick boil potato and cabbage, mix together stuffing and mash with knob of marg and hot water.

Drain and mash cabbage and potato, mix everything together with a tbsp of flour.

Make little little balls of mixture, put in a roasting tin with oil and flatten balls (patties?) slightly with back of a spoon. Roast in oven turning to brown both sides.

Serve with the last of the salad - or in Hubby P's case baked beans.
And very tasty it was too!


  1. Just spent the last bit catching up with you. Doesn't this look delicious? Scratch meals are the best!

  2. I wondered where you were going with this but the end result looks worthy of Nigel Slater!

  3. Whilst not actually objecting to instant mash, I don't normally use it, because whenever I make mashed potato, I make at least twice as much as I need on the day so that I can do some interesting left over things with it the following day.
    The sausage and mash we had last week (just 6 hearty pork and pumpkin sausages which were in the "at the sell by date" spot in Asda) lasted for 3 meals!
    Grandma P learnt a thing or two from her grandma!

  4. Very tasty looking - I'm all for frugal cooking. xx

  5. It reminds me of bubble and squeak and it looks delicious.


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