Friday, 5 November 2010

Little Catch up! ~~ Frugal Doings!!!!

Well hello there!
Are you all ready? the layers of clothes are going on in the Allsorts household - Hubby P has his long johns and extra long - up to the knee, super dooper thermal socks on! -I know Girls! - just don't let your imagination wander.... it would be just too much!
Yes, its getting chilly, have you stocked up on your wood/logs, hotwater bottles and maybe even some of that luxury stuff they call oil - I believe its an awful price.
We have the snuggly blankets out, the woodshed stocked and I even have some grit/salt from last winter - all prepared if we have another icy spell. I know it all sounds doom and gloom but I like to be prepared. Especially now Hubby P has finally parted with the company he had worked for for - a long time...... too long probably ... you know what they say 'all work and no play'! Anyway he is now his own man ... much happier and working where and when he chooses. But of course we no longer have the luxury of a set amount of money every week - so I - being me - 'like to be prepared '- and stock up where and when I can.
I'm sure its a trait ingrained in me from childhood growing up in the wild moors of Lancashire - no shops, we had to stock up, we were often snowed in for weeks during the bad winters.
Stock up and be Frugal - that's my mantra at the moment.
Waste Not Want Not .... Make Do And Mend......
Richard received a parcel to day, it came in a useful cardboard box, I seized upon this useful ebay packaging and snaffled it away, and inside there was lovely white clean tissue paper - another useful wrapping ... I tell you nothing is wasted!

I gave it a quick iron to smooth it out - and chose a pretty little stamp to liven it up a bit. I thought it would look pretty enough as wrapping with a bit of ribbon around it.

I have my old hatbox of stamps handy, they serve me well, had them for years.
I've started on the Christmas wrapping paper, I just use any old interesting plain paper that comes my way.... adds a bit of that 'Special homemade/especially for you' to the gifts I give.
So the big C is hurtling towards us ..... have you made a start on your homemade gifts?
I must admit I quite like the making and the giving bit... the thinking of who would like what....the gathering together of bits and bobs to make with.
Made a bit of marmalade and whatnot..

And found this lovely basket on the carboot .... a nice hamper for someone maybe.

Of course Christmas always means needing extra cash - so good old ebay usually supplies the extra. I've been sorting through my fabric again - some has gone to the car boot - Hubby P has a stall every Sunday now and of course we have our Emporium which is open on a Tuesday. Choice pieces of fabric I will put on ebay.... and thus turn into Christmas gifts... bit like magic .. Tra laaaa!

I put this pretty little number on ebay tonight - how pretty is this... of course I've kept some for myself... nice cushion I thought.
And this other .. this bright, bright, in yer face! Retro!.. how wonderful is this!

I just loved this so much! Its a cover from the base of a vintage Silentnight bed - well you can see the label. I am keeping the label bit to make myself something - probably a bag - a 'in yer face Retro' bag! lol! Think I shall leave the label on too ... talk about carrying your bed about/on your back!

This other bit is on ebay .. lets hope someone likes it too.
Just a quick Thank you to Twiggypeasticks for the award - hopefully I will get around to sorting it out soon.
I don't seem to have time for anything these days - Ooooooo you should see the cobwebs ere!
xxx Take care for now xxx


  1. Sooooooo pleased to see you back, I'll call off the search party now :)
    Hubby P sounds very cosy in his get up and I'm glad he's happier in his work. Keep warm and cosy
    the Twiggys xx

  2. Hiya! ~Thanks for your comment, I am digging out hats and purple clothes as I type!!!

    Love your fabrics, and the mental image of your hubby looking like John Walton in his thermals!


  3. I thought I led make do and mend lifestyle, but you put me to shame :)
    My daughter Jennie is following in the family footsteps and has started a little business, hand dyeing wool and jewellery making. She is very inventive with handycrafts.:)

  4. Hello - You may well have forgotten me by now. I bought from you in June at the showground bootsale. We were back staying with son in Bangor a couple of weeks ago and I hoped I might find you again. I met friends of yours - in the shop in Menai Bridge selling all the kitchenalia and another friend at the Bangor bootsale (call that a bootsale?). I bought from both of those people. But we weren't there on a Tuesday to come and find you.
    Since I saw you we had a trip to Thailand to see other son.
    Still selling in an antiques centre in Dorking.
    Love your blog - wonder if you would like mine - very varied and I try to do something every day.
    Love Paula.


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