Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Meet Neville!

Just sat here thinking of you all, so I thought I would just drop you a line - or two!

We're having a nice evening with Dean Martin - he was such an impossibly handsome man - and the voice! Tis' almost a Sin!

Anyway Hubby P did well and found me a whole boxed set of records, they are like new, in fact I would say they have never been out of the box. Perhaps they were an unwanted present - or maybe? just maybe? - the lucky lady receiving this little slice of the handsome devil couldn't trust herself to play them!

Well Ya Knooooow! We ladies of a certain age!?

(Mind you this is not one of the best pic's of him)

Enough of the nice music - I want to introduce you to a special visitor.

Meet Neville.....

Neville showed up a few days ago - he tells me he is an Internationally renowned Adrenaline Junkie.

He is on a Gap Year - too much study you know - makes a snail soooo boring!

Anyway he thought he would use the year to travel - see a bit of the world and visit the 'Wild Washers of the West (this translated I gathered to be washing machines of North West Wales).

Apparently we have a washer with a 'wild' spin cycle - I know the machine throws itself around terribly when it spins - I didn't realise this was a sought after feature for your everyday 'International Adrenalin Junkie'!

I must say it is impressive to see him in action - riding the spin! he hasn't once fallen off!

I was introducing him to Richard (Son No 3) this afternoon, and suggested he just wait and watch - see Neville in action! - he was daft enough to stand there watching for ages but got a tad bored! I mean! - everyone knows these adrenaline junkies wait for 'The Big One' - the biggest wave or biggest spin! These young people - no staying power!

I don't know now long Neville is staying, you know how these 'hip' characters are - he may just up and away at anytime - I keep you posted.

Back to the mundane - I haven't spent all my time watching the washing machine go round, I have pickled a bit more beetroot.

I thought it best not to press more beetroot soup onto Hubby P. His is an old fashioned 'system' and soon goes a bit 'wonky' - and causes us all a bit of consternation - too many baked beans have the same effect!

So pickled beetroot it is - there is only really me that eats it - but I do so like a bit of pickle!

That's enough waffle from me - take care for now xxx


  1. Phew, I'm going to need a coffee with all this running around catching up with you.
    I remember years ago when both me and dad had little Honda 70's, we would be sent out on a sunday to gather the elderflowers, our top boxes on the bikes stuffed to the brim. We always left a few trees full and remembered where we had found them. We always went far afield and would stop off at a cute little cottage for homemade ice-creams. Then in autumn off we would go again and gather all the berries.
    Mums elderberry and elderflower wine was one of the most potent wines I have ever drank. I can still smell those flowers we picked......what a trip down memory lane. Thank you.

  2. Go Neville, go!...what a cool dude.

  3. Hmmm I love beetroot, I was listening to Dean Martin on the radio at the weekend, what a voice. I'm impressed with Neville's stamina, please ask him what his secret it :)
    Twiggy x

  4. Dean Martin and Neville what a wild time you are having ... ;0)

    Shirl x

  5. I have very much enjoyed your blog so thank you so much for following mine, as that is what has led me to you. I have to say though that you are totally bonkers - please do not take offense, this is not an insult, in fact quite the opposite, some (all actually) of my bestest friends are bonkers, in fact they will like your blog too so I will pass it on. Thanks again, Karen

  6. Well I hope Neville has his shark repellent handy, those wild waves can throw up all sorts!

  7. There is an award on my blog for you lovely.
    twiggy x

  8. Where have we gone ?
    Wishing you would come back soon...
    I miss you !!


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