Monday, 15 November 2010

Stocking Up For The Chilly Days!

A quiet, thoughtful, winding down sort of day at the Allsorts.
The days are getting chilly and our thoughts are turning to snugly times by the fire.... I just hope its not too long and cold a winter.
This morning I donned my new carboot 'find' - how do you like my 'new' Vintage Gardening Gloves.... I must admit I was highly thrilled to spot them in a box. They remind me of the sort Margo Ledbetter wore in the TV series 'The Good Life' .... anyone remember Margo? wasn't she just Splendid!!
Anyway preparations were for the delivery of this wonderfully scented stuff!

Luckily Richard was at home - Hubby P having taken himself off to earn a crust..... a full load would have been a lot for a Girl to stack on her own... and anyway can't get my new 'Margo' gloves too mucky!

A good start to Winter preparations.

Richard had a good session raking up the leaves, I helped with the brushing bit .... the Margo gloves of course made all the difference..... adding a touch of style to the occasion!

I had the camera with me too, the sun was lovely, shining on the front of the house, and brought out the pretty colours of the few remaining flowers.

This simple sedum looked so striking.

A last few flowers, braving the cold.

I tried to capture the green of this pine .... it was so fresh and bright.

Piles and piles of leaves... surely they must be all down off the trees by now.

The sun was low in the sky and soon the rain showers drove us indoors.
But its a nice feeling to be prepared for whatever the Winter months may throw at us.
Hope you had a good day!
xxx Take Care xxx Bye for Now xxx


  1. very nice gardening gloves, you have a lovely garden x

  2. Love the "Margo" gloves! Wasn't she a hoot... also loved To the Manor Born! Stay warm and toasty. Lisa


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