Saturday, 10 April 2010

Just an Allsorts mostly Picture Blog - Sickness Prevails!!

Unfortunately these have been my constant companions these last few days - a bit desperate I know, but its all that's got me through - this Flu thing has laid me out!
I'm feeling a little better tonight, I'm sure i will be fine in a couple of days - what a pesky thing this little bug is - its amazing how unwell it can make you feel.
Anyway enough of that.
I took these photo's last week before I was slain - afraid its mostly a Piccy blog - I'm not at my best!
Firstly - Yes, I remember - it was Easter! Hubby P treated me to a visit to the plant nursery and a few flowering bulbs for Easter - they last a lot longer than a chocolate egg, anyway I got to share his egg - too much chocolate you know - not good for Hubby's!

I thought these looked so nice, and just the ticket to go in my new trough. I got loads well 17 pots of flowers for £10, some were only 50p a pot - (I know - a bit of an expensive Easter egg, but 'He Love's Me' - Sigh!!!). Just goes to show it pays to go to the Nurseries rather than the posh Garden Centres - although the latter do have cafes - and cake!

Spring is officially here at the Allsorts Garden -

We have Toad spawn in the pond, and lots of it - yes, all that Romancing did do the trick.

Little Blackie has started sunbathing -yes I know - original name!
The Aquatic shop swore he would change colour to a nice orangey colour - but he has steadfastly refused to do so for the last couple of years - so who are we to say!
His mate in the pond - Elvis (he has a black quiff! ) is not so friendly - although being orange easier to see!

Yes great excitement here, we have been sitting outside watching fantastic aerial displays, we think they are Buzzards - very big Hawks!
You can hear them calling and amazingly all the little birds disappear, you can see them hiding in the hedges, and they are ever so quiet until the Hawks have moved on.

I managed to get a pic of this crow in the tree - he's probably a bit big for the hawks to bother with, but like hubby P said ' He probably thought - I could do with a breather, I'll just sit here for a while - very still!'

Crafty wise - Birdcages!
Don't know why - I think I may have seen something similar on a blog, and then I found this amazing reel of wire!

Don't you just love this old battered reel - just imagine if it could talk! What tales it could tell!
I have no idea what it was used for - have you?

But I felt it would make a nice birdcage - the sort with the ever open door - a refuge for the fluttery little ones - if they have a mind to share a little of their lives with us!
I put some red silk bindings to the door and hoop - for luck, and made a dangly little swing inside!

I just feel it needs a couple of sweet little felt birds - perhaps one on the swing and one fluttering on the outside, when I can get my creative brain to think outside this flu-ey fug!

Hubby P has worn out another pair of boots - so the old ones get planted up and 'planted' in the garden.
I put them at the front of the house with some of my flowering bulbs in for now - brighten up the front a bit!

Having lots of men means quite a few boots, the big Tree Surgeon ones are great - big and roomy they hold lots of plants and don't dry out the same in summer. I like having something as personal as my families foot wear scattered around the place - maybe I'm odd - okay well I am! I know other people make do with photographs!

Pretty though!

These are the big Tree Surgeon boots waiting to be panted up with something colourful for the summer - just look at that wonderful moss growing on them - it sparkles like jewels!

And Here's Geoffrey!
Everything is 'hunky dory' in his world - he's having Chinese for supper tonight - Hubby P brought us Chinese for dinner, so The Geoffreys are having rice, prawn crackers and wholemeal bread

He's been this evening to have a 'catch up' with Hubby P, Mrs Geoffrey is up and about - it must be said she is looking very well and has done wonders to regain her slim figure - maybe we could sell her post baby diet to a Celebrity!
Earlier this evening we had a visit from two of the tiny Geoffrey's - un accompanied by Mum or Dad, they were a but nervous and didn't hang around too long. Hubby P will try and get some pics once they have settled a little.
So all goes well here - or it will do once I have shifted this flu!
Another happy event - we have baby rabbits! Still in the nest but doing well - will post some pics next time -
Oh! Yesssss! S'alll Apinin Ere!!!! Springs come!!
xxxx Take Care xxxx


  1. Oh you poor love, I hope you're feeling better soon (((hugs)))
    Love the flowers in the boots, unfortunately I don't have any big strapping me to donate their old boots to me and they're not the kind of thing I've ever come across in the charity shop. :(

    Great to see Mr Geoffrey doing so well and his wee family are blossoming.
    Can't wait for the baby bunny pics,

  2. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well - hope you aren't suffering too much!
    I wish I had some old boots hanging around and then I would pinch your idea.... I don't think my sons trainers would look so good.....
    Get better soon!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. Sorry to hear you're poorly, but glad you're dosing yourself up with some goodies. Sometimes, I think you just have to sit and lick your wounds awhile. Love the boot idea and the little birdcage. Hope you feel better soon.
    Jak x

  4. Love the flowers. Get well soon and my goldfish is called Goldie so I'm another fan of unimaginative names! :)

  5. YOu certainly know how to treat the flu, nice concoction!
    Your boot garden is perfect.
    Very personal and clever.
    Blow a kiss to Geoffery for me

  6. poor you - love the boots - does anyone else out there remember on of my favourite stories from chidhood - The Nasturiums Who were too big for their Boots?!

  7. Sorry you've been ill.

    How clever to pot up the old boots. I never think to until the boots are gone.


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