Sunday, 11 April 2010

Bunnie's, Babies, and Teatowels!

Say 'Hello' to Whitney - she's very friendly when you cuddle her, but just a bit shy of coming forward.
Whitney is a first time Mum, and she is doing very, very well.

The babies are very well looked after in a nice big warm nest, she needed no help from me, and they appear to be thriving.

I haven't disturbed them much - just peeked in to see they were all ok. I looked today and Mum had uncovered them a little - she must have thought it a bit too warm for them, anyway I think I could count five little heads.
I will keep you posted.
Teatowels! - well you know my thing at the moment - making teatowels out of interesting old fabric, well I did it again.
I found this old sheet at the carboot - lots of excellent, good strong fabric - and wonderful colours! Again I wanted to be able to 'use it' and look at it - so I made a couple of teatowels.

I made them double thickness, and kind of quilted them a little - to help hold the two sides together, and it looks pretty.

I love the whole Retro flowery look to it.
And of course I shall try my luck with one on Ebay - may get some pennies back to cover the cost of the fabric in the first place.

Isn't this sunshine so nice - doing my flu the world of good!

Here's a pretty little flower for you - it made me smile today! x
xxxx Take care xxx


  1. What a proud mama. Love your tea towels. It's all about making enough money to buy more fabric.

  2. Such a cute mummy bunny. Love your tea towels.

    Shirl x

  3. ohh babies! can't wait to see them :)

  4. So happy, the rabbits and flowered tea towel. Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Love your bunnies and your teatowel fabric. Think I may have had that sheet pattern many moons ago x


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