Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hot off The Press _ Geoffrey Update!!

Just a very quick Geoffrey Update -
Great excitement here at the Allsorts household - Hubby P had been keeping an eye out for Geoffrey, he has been absent from the treehouse for a couple of nights ( Hubby P hadn't seen him) - so a relief to see him tonight.

And whats more - not just Geoffrey, but at least one Geoffrey Junior! Yes! there was Dad, proudly showing his son/daughter the way up to the treehouse and the different food options - we do like to give good service here and offer a varied and nutritious menu! that's if the Collared Doves haven't been and scoffed the lot - they usually show up around Supper time - just before it goes dark.
Hubby P is - as I write this - outside communing with the Geoffrey's - and what hardship that is - you really must know - he has The Man Flu!!!!
Yes! I have to know all about it - repeatedly - So I feel you All Should Too!
Lets just hope he doesn't give it to the Geoffrey's!
Hopefully a more varied and interesting post tomorrow - lots of pic's - visitors gone home, back to 'normal' - although with the Man Flu an all - I will try my best!


  1. I'm hanging by a thread here!
    Hope to hear an update soon

  2. Poor hubby - Man Flu is a terrible affliction.

    I hope he gets better soon - for your sake!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. Hubby P here,its not man flu Vicky now has it,sat in her chair like Father Jack shouting Drink!! Red nose may be the flu or the whisky (medicinal use only !!)

  4. hehe, I hope you both recover from the man flu soon - before the whisky cupboard runs dry!!!!

    send geooffrey my congratulations on his brood!



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