Thursday, 1 April 2010

And Lo There Was A Miracle!! (or maybe we just got it wrong!)

Well - its that time of year - Easter, special to many people, and a time of miracles.
Well we have our own here in the Allsorts garden - or more likely we were mistaken and jumped to conclusions, putting ourselves through agonies!
To celebrate Easter and all that is just lovely, bright and beautiful - and Spring 'Just Must' be here soon - here for you lovely readers are a few of our Daffs picked this morning.
Lovely just!
And the cause of our celebration, our very own miracle - Geoffrey lives!!
Ohhhhh how happy is Hubby P!

This is Geoffrey tonight - on usual form pinching peanuts.

We have decided that the unfortunate dead mouse we thought was Geoffrey must have been a visiting cousin - most probably Stanley, always to be known from now on as 'Unfortunate Stanley'.
Hubby P had toyed with the idea that Stanley was known for his fighting prowess and had been intent on taking on the evil that was/is Charlie Cat - somewhat Jihad style - but there is no video evidence of this, and Geoffrey is not forthcoming with any information. So it is still all a puzzle. The only sure thing is that Unfortunate Stanley lies still and cold under a pot of daffs.

Here is Geoffrey peanut in his mouth taking it back to his nest.
Hubby P tells me he is certain this is Geoffrey, earlier he sat in the treehouse munching away on a peanut - quietly communing with Hubby P, they have a very Man-ley/Mouse relationship!

With a flick of his tail he was gone back to his nest!

I've been having a night with Judy Garland - Hubby P found me two of her LP's at the carboot sale on Tuesday.

Lovely romantic - slushy stuff! but what wonderful stuff - she had a lovely voice and can knock spots off her daughter Liza Minnelli. You can however hear the similarity in their voices - I suppose that's because they are Mother and Daughter - dough!!

Time i went to bed! All this excitement with Geoffrey is too much!

xxx Take care xxx


  1. He died and now he is risen. Hooray for Geoffrey !!
    Twiggy x
    PS sicko Mr Twigs, said unfortunate Stanley might be flat stanley !!!

  2. Oh what lovely news to go to bed with :)

    LMAO at Mr Twigs comment...flat stanley hehehehehehee

  3. Wonderful news...shame about Stanley though.

    It is indeed an Easter miracle.


    (It's funny but I did actually think of Geoffrey yesterday when I was watching a squirrel in my garden.)

  4. Poor Stanley...have a good weekend :)

  5. What a very apt story for Eastertide!
    I'm amazed you've got all those photos of such a tiny creature!
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. good news for geoffrey but poor old stanley under his flower pot :(

  7. Good news about Geoffrey. Our little mouse disappeared for a few days and we feared the worst. But, he has popped up again and all is right with the world.

    Have a lovely Easter ... :0)

    Shirl x

  8. this post deserved reading out load! Mr Fig then commented quite seriously that mice can bear uncanny family resemblances to each other!

    oh, I need to compose myself after reading this! Will charlie-cat suffer from a ventedeta? Will Hubby be institutionalised for talking to mice?
    Wonderful stuff!


  9. I am so glad it was not Geoffrey! poor Stanly of course!!!!

  10. I was searching through my blog yesterday and found the post of my mutant frog and How I commented on Geoffrey. Then I had a twinge of sadness cos poor old Geoffrey was no more. So what a lovely surprise when I read your post and there was good old Geoffrey. I suppose this is what happens when town mice visit, perhaps he wasn't aware of the dangers of the countryside and thought since he was a tough town mouse he could take on a cat. LONG LIVE GEOFFREY

  11. and the stone rolled back and it was empty............perhaps mice are seated at the right hand..........nice thought though xx

  12. ooooooooooooh so pleased to see Geoffrey is alive.

    We have Mousie who comes and feeds from the bird seed. But I haven't seen him since the end of the rally cold weather

  13. Geoffrey lives! This is great news!


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