Tuesday, 2 February 2010

This Evenings Excitement!

Just thought I would share this evenings excitement with you.
For days, or should I say evenings now, Hubby P has been stalking Geoffrey the Mouse.
We have always has a Geoffrey - probably several over the years. They live under one of the stone sinks that I have as mini gardens. This one in particular is near the apple tree, and often on quiet evenings, if we sit quietly, we can watch Geoffrey come out and eat the seed spilled by the birds from the bird feeders hanging in the apple tree. He may have a little jaunt to the pond for a drink, and lately he has been scaling the apple tree to sit inside the fat ball holder, on top of the fat balls - feasting away.
Now we have the tree house (bird house) - but it reminds me a bit of Tarzan and Jane - so I call it a tree house - I know!!*?

Anyway he has been visiting the tree house, and helping himself to the goodies on offer there - Soooooo much more convenient, less drafty, and sheltered from the rain. A most desirous eating house!
So Hubby P has been obsessed with getting photo evidence of this - and as you can see - after endless shots of the garden - we have a couple of Geoffrey!

Not brilliant I know - but it has spurred Hubby P on - hes in and out that door, camera in hand - well - like - I don't know what!

And there is even talk of a Geoffrey cam!!

Live on this Blog!

We would never get anything done - sat watching a mouse eat his supper all evening!!

Is it Me!!????



  1. As long as Geoffrey doesn't find his way inside your house!
    I could quite easily spend the whole day watching my birds....so you're not alone.

  2. So cute! I could see the mouse when I clicked on the picture. Its hard to get close up shots of the wee folk isn't it! My grandad makes fat balls and all sorts. he used to feed all of the horses and ponies whilst dog walking before he discovered just how much all those apples and carrots were costing him... Anglesey has the best wildlife. Love it.

  3. Mice, Birds - with me its frogs. I reckon you should make the tree-house into a mouse house, hang a little sign, some comfy straw.....

  4. Ha ha the photos are great. We once had and I kid you not, a vole living in our fireplace called Mousey Johnson - don't ask (it was a play on Mousey Thompson the woodman). We think he came into our cellar as we used to live in a huge old Victorian terrace. Anyhoo we came back from a 2 week holiday and he'd gone !!
    Twiggy x
    PS If it's you, it's me too, so don't worry.

  5. I couldn't think of a better way to spend an evening. Let me know if he needs a hat.

  6. I'd tune in to watch him! He'd be a vast improvement over 90% of what's on television.

  7. LOL loving it. Miles better viewing that Big Brother ;)


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