Monday, 1 February 2010

Harris Tweed on a Sunday!

Hope you are all fit and well, and had a good weekend.
Just thought I would show you a little something I found at the carboot sale on Sunday.
One stall that is always there is just row upon row of cardboard boxes containing all manner of things - Household Clearance stuff. You have to have a good rummage - there are usually new boxes every week, and on a Sunday its 'fill a bag for £1' - so you pay your £1, are given a plastic carrier bag, and you can fill it right up with things that take your fancy.
I always have a good look first - make sure there is something I could use - heaven forbid! that I should waste my £1!
There is usually some bits and bobs, even if its just knitting wool or needles, the other week I got a lot of Christmas ribbon for wrapping next years presents, or maybe I will find a couple of china mugs - allsorts of everything!
Well this week I found a whole heap of squares of Harris tweed! I think they are samples - they were a book of samples. They have a little sticker printed with the Harris Tweed logo and are numbered - identification of logo courtesy of Hubby P who seems to have endless knowledge of this sort of thing - doesn't yet remember where we keep the corkscrew, but knows random things about Harris Tweed!
I thought they were lovely - all those muted Heathery colours, ideal for small crafty projects - or bigger ones if I sewed them together!
I had a go today- made a couple into little purses. It was more an experiment to try out my sewing machine really - Hubby P had to mend it over the weekend - I was Horror struck! never before has my darling machine broken down. Luckily there is not a lot to go wrong with a treadle sewing machine - the belt has snapped - Hubby P mended it! Its as good as new - just a bit stiffer on the old legs!

Can you see the wonderful bright yellow cotton fabric underneath the purses. Hubby P found it in a Charity Shop - its Vintage I would say but new/never been used. And there is loads of it, enough I should think for a dress - someone was intending a largish garment - to make a 'Largish Statement' I should think with that bright pattern!

I used a bit to line one of the purses - I thought it was quite the jolly thing!

Yes, one of the purses is for Rosie!

Hope you are all having a jolly crafting time!

A bit of creativity does you a world of good!

xx Take care xx


  1. I need a new tea cozie - those would be perfect.

    Your paisley tablecloth has caught my eye several times - have been looking for the same thing with no luck.

  2. How come our car boot never has such lovely things as yours?! I do rummage but rarely find anything remotely interesting! xxx

  3. How fab! - I was looking on ebay for some tweed to make a patchwork tweed cushion, but it's so expensive - I've shelved the idea for now!

  4. Love the purse, the fabric lining and tweed go so well together, rather trendy!

    Vanessa x

  5. I love Harris tweed, it always reminds me of my Dad who had lots of jackets and hats made from it. lovely colours.
    twiggy x

  6. Oooh I wish the carboots around me held treasures as exciting as yours does =[

    Cute little purses =]

    x x x

  7. What a clever idea!

    And I know what you mean about husbands and "random knowledge."

  8. Lovely idea making purses with the tweed. I'm sure Rosie will love hers!

    Thanks for your kind thoughts.

  9. Hi Lovely to see you this morning in the car boot.I have come to the conclusion you need to be good at twister to climb over those boxes! My new unit looks fab in my hall covered in clutter!!
    Love your blog. You are always so jolly and nice. Keep smiling. Catherine xx

  10. harris twee is so lovely~i once got a perfect harris jacket at a local jumble sale here for £1.50~i wore it for donkeys years!
    your purses are so cute!

  11. that is so creative, I love the lining material as well.

    Gill in Canada


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