Saturday, 30 January 2010

Carbooty Treasure and Freebies!

Woke up to a bitterly cold day with a crisp coating of the most enormous hailstones!
Little patches of white throughout the garden, but nothing much. Certainly not enough to put us off our Treasure Hunting at the local Car Boot Sale!
It did seem a bit quiet at the carboot sale, not too many people about, but we had a good morning - we found one or two things.
How about this - inner cleanliness as advocated by the Daily Mail Newspaper 1937!
There were lots of these old papers 40p each (3 for £1) but I contented myself with just a couple - I mean - just how many does a girl need! Unless i do as Twiggypeasticks suggests and decoupage the chicken shed with it! Do you think the chickens will be interested in the events of 1937?
It would certainly keep me busy and out of mischief!

I found a little part box of Manila tags - so cute! You know me and anything vaguely paper-ish!
And they are the very thing to help with the 'Suitcase Project'!

Enough said!
More suitcases too - just waiting for a good clean up and polish. The little ones are so sweet - they have children's names in them, I think they were perhaps used by children being evacuated during the war.

We came home via Asda and a hot cooked chicken, to warm up with chicken sandwiches and nice hot tea.
Hubby P was in a 'go go' mood - wanting to get lots done, remember its freezing outside and trying to hailstone on us. Still he set to cutting wood for the fire with me as trusty assistant (mainly making cups of fortifying tea). Next appears a ladder! and up on the roof he goes - it must be said, that for weeks he has wanted to do this little job. He just wanted to take down the now redundant TV Ariel and sky dish (we no longer have a TV - choosing to do other activities in our spare time) - surprisingly it didn't take that long, and Hubby P said he felt that much better, he never did like the sky dish - too modern looking for our humble little cottage - it offended him!
So we loaded the trusty van with the wires and sky dish and whatnot (I kept the big long pole the ariel was on, I want to use it for/to hold my washing line) - and headed for the recycling centre - my weekend excursion, my weekend fix!
Look what I found in the metal skip!

A complete patio set - cast aluminium (needing a rub down and a paint), a table and 4 chairs, all in perfect order. And I must say pretty heavy weight - I felt it as I tried to hoyk them out of the skip!

I did ask permission to take them first of course - but who's going to refuse a batty old woman, they are quite use to me now.

So I have stacked them in the yard for now, I will have to wait until the weathers a bit better before I can rub them down and give them a coat of shiny new paint.
What a good find - what a good afternoon.
Hubby P did murmur something about us taking more away - weight for weight, than we ever take to the tip. But he won't be moaning when we have nice new seats for summer - and it means he won't have to build another garden bench!

Take care xx Keep warm !


  1. You have found some goodies. Love the suit cases.

    Have you heard of the one world one heart magic carpet ride? Over 900 logs are participating. Each giving a give away. Its designed so that you can meet blogs around the world that you wouldn't usually come across. Its not too late to join in.

  2. Oooo fab goodies lady. I hope we get the chance to sit on your lovely garden furniture this summer :)
    Twiggy x

  3. can't wait to see the patio set all painted up,you find some good stuff!
    Josie x

  4. I can't get over how lucky you are with your amazing finds!!! xxx

  5. What a fabby find. It always amazes me what people throw away, at least you are recycling it. Shall look forward to seeing the makeover.
    Jak x

  6. those table and chairs are expensive over here, so that was a super find.

    What are you planning to do with the suitcases?

    Gill in Canada

  7. Wow, you hauled in some great finds! We like to dumpster dive here in the U.S. It's always a surprise what people no longer want or throw away. I signed up to follow your adventures. Stop by my place and perhaps return the favor.

  8. Goodness what great finds! Love the suitcases, and the patio set, just perfect for the summer.

    Thanks for your kind thoughts, we are going to need them as I would imagine our lives are going to change significantly due to events that happened this weekend.

  9. love the suitcases - it looks like agood car boot place and what a find in the metal skip!

  10. Cool, cool stuff! You must have lucky pennies in your shoes.


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