Friday, 29 January 2010

Magical Monents on a Grey Dreary day!

Just had to share this little bit of magic with you!
When i got up this morning the day was cold and grey, drizzly rain and leaden sky. The house was cold too - the log burner having gone out over night, there was condensation on the windows - pretty miserable, so I set about lighting the fire.
As you can see on one of the two windows we have in the sitting room, I have a few hanging crystals, picked up here and there, given by and exchanged with friends. They to hang limply, no shining in the sunshine today!
But the strangest thing happened - as I turned from lighting the fire, I saw a bright fire like glow on top of my mule chest - amongst my geodes and crystals. It was so bright I thought something was on fire. Maybe someone had left a candle burning (although who I dont know - but these things flash into your mind!).

There was a faint ray of sunlight that had reflected off/through a crystal in the window - on to the Amethyst geode and on to the quartz cluster - the quartz looked as if it were on fire, these photos do not capture in any way, the brightness, or intensity of the glow.

Again the photos are rubbish really - there was a mini rainbow effect across the front of the amethyst geode, and the quartz radiated all this light which in turn lit up the crystals around it and bounced all around the room!
Quite magical! It lasted for a little while, and cheered the morning!


  1. oooh they look a bit spooky don't they? Pretty though when something magical happens like that.

  2. I bet it was really lovely, you do have some interesting things! xxx

  3. I love when quiet moments happen like this. Your first photo is begging a poem.

  4. do you collect those items? It must have been pretty to see.

    Gill in Canada

  5. If that had happened to me I would have taken it as a sign, not sure of what though. So pretty. I have many crystals scattered around, some used in meditations or healings. Even in the darkest day there is always a light, always hope.

  6. I love it when something quite unexpected like that happens. I have crystals hanging on a climbing rose in my garden which, when they catch the morning light, look light fairies dancing around my garden and kitchen, quite magical.
    Thanks for visiting my new blog and yes you are right, we do seem to have a lot in common.
    Jak x

  7. That's what life is all about - magic moments !!! You just have to take the time to see them, but we know that don't we poppet !!
    Twiggy x

  8. it is the magic little moments like these that make a grey day sunny - and I think you captured them pretty well!

    if sunlight makes it through my windows, I marvel in the dust patterns! ;~)



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