Monday, 2 November 2009

Christmas is a commin!! Fancy a Christmas treat??

Hello there! Hope you all had a nice 'scary' sort of weekend!!
My shower curtain was 'borrowed' by my Niece's to help dress the house for Halloween - I don't think I want it back! We all had a nice time at the 'Scary party' - lots of 'blood' to drink and chopped off fingers in the salted peanuts!!

And on to Treasure Hunting !!
A wet and windy weekend - but we braved the weather - and how lucky was I!

I found heaps and heaps of Vintage Wrapping paper! And at an obscenely thrifty price - such a buy I can't tell you. I think the lady was just glad to 'move it on'. You know what they say about 'One Mans Rubbish .....!

Its Ohhh so cute! Just feeling it - its a lot thinner than the sort produced today, and the colours are more muted, it brought so many memories of happy childhood Christmas time.

I feel myself so fortunate to have and to hold these treasures of my - or should I say our childhood days, so I would like to share some with you.
We'll have another giveaway - leave me a comment about a your Christmas as a child, and next Monday I will put names in a hat (or something!) - and who ever wins can have a little pack of Vintagey Christmas Paper! Hows that? You up for that?
I've so much I have put some on Ebay - I hope to get some pennies back, and funds will help buy bits to fill the childrens stockings - ready to send to Father Christmas of course!
Every Christmas I try and make a little something for the younger members of the family, just a little keepsake, a bit of Christmassay nonsense to hang on the tree, or put in the stocking.
With the C season on the horizon I thought I should make a start.
I saw something like these little Rudolph type creatures in an expensive homeware shop, I couldn't afford their prices so I came home and put together something similar.

Its nice to get out that special Christmassey fabric from your stash, and play about with buttons (of which I have a few!) and trims!
The 'Dolphs' are really just a squishy soft toy, not too big, nice for little hands to cuddle! They are full of mischief - you can see it in their eyes!!

This one escaped ~ here he is playing hide and seek amongst my Amethyst geodes!!

Woody Dolph! ~ escaped to the garden to play amongst the branches of the trees.
Lets hope the little ones enjoy them as much as I have making them! What is it about making/crafting/sewing ~ if you don't do it, how can you describe the buzz you get to someone who is not at all crafty! ~ Funny thing life! People! ~ good job we are not all the same, life would be boring!
Got to go ~ got to go and do ironing ~ I know! Ironing! Yukkkkk !
xx Bye for now! xx Take care! xx


  1. Heavens, I remember actually buying some of that paper when I was a child in the 70's, do I'd put it as circa 1975-6. Gorgeous stuff, thin though it was.

  2. Glad you had a good ghouly weekend. Gosh, I haven't seen crimbo paper like that for years. Love your Dolphs!

  3. The shower curtain - reminds me of what happened the first time shaving legs.

  4. Wow the paper brings back memories, our village shop used to sell it in the 70s. I love the Rudolphs might have to steal I mean borrow your design :)
    Twiggy x
    PS Don't put me in your giveaway cos you know I'll win it :)

  5. My, this post is very nostalgic to me.
    Firstly that wrapping paper, good for you, it must have made you very happy to buy such wonderful paper.
    The shower curtain, takes me back to the first and best real horror movie!
    Your xmas creations, they are brilliant and a wonderful xmas keepsake. x

  6. I remember that type of paper as well. I love your little Rudolphs they are cute.

    Gill in Canada


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