Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Only Two Today!

Hello there! Hope you had a good weekend.
Just catching up today, and musing about the change in the garden - this wind and rain has knocked the stuffing out of the few flowers that were hangin' on in there!
The chickens have cotton'ed on to the cold, the wet and the early darkness, fewer eggs - just two today!
But two just fine specimens!
The Chickens are looking well considering the cold and damp, and the fact that they are rather 'old Girls' - you know - not just as spry as they once were - losing their figures a bit - but we love um!

The speckledies always have a lot to say for themselves!

And Missie here, the last of our pretty little white bantams - well! she's hanging on in there! - she must be very old now. But still she puffs up her feathers and gives as good as she gets - no one pushes her around!

So! dippy eggs for lunch!

Just having a quick mooch around the garden between the showers, the sun was out - it was quite pleasant.

I just love these Autumn colours, I grew this little oak tree from seed, it stands in a pot by the door!
As you can see I'm all togged up for the cold! I went into town on Saturday - big expedition for me! I hate big towns, big shops and all that consumerism - the push, push, push for you to buy, buy, and buy some more . All things you didn't think or know that you needed. Anyway, enough of a rant! Hubby P sweetened the trip with lunch, he went hunting the Charity shops whilst I popped to Evans ( a shop - for those of you who don't know - for hhmm shall we say lovely larger ladies!) I whizzed around the shop - jumpers, cardigans - all that is warm and woolly - I had a jolly good look. I am determined to keep warm and cosy this winter. I bought a selection, thin ones and chunky ones - layering is the key to cosiness I think. I found Hubby P - bemoaning the prices of the Charity shops, took his arm and we came home!

So I may look like a Michelin Man but i am warm and cosy!

Onwards around the garden, I found little bright corners -

Pretty red rose hips, with the most gorgeous pale lime-y green leaves.

This is the view from our gate, the horses are back in the field. When they race down the hill it sounds like thunder!

Still lots of jewel like berries on this Pheasants Eye bush, the birds just love these berries, don't imagine they will last much longer, Mrs Blackbird was having a nibble as I took this.

Weekend Finds!
Not too much, but it was nice to get out have a mooch about, have a chat to friends and whatnot. I bought this little lamp - only £1, so how could I not!
I think its probably 1950/60's, I thought it so cute! The shade has a bit of wear and tear - but hey! its Vintage! its going to be a bit shabby! The base is perfect - it just needs re-wiring and that's not a big job. I am sure Hubby P can be persuaded to sort it out, although it something I could do if I got my act together, its not difficult.

Oops - look an escaped Dolph! Must catch him and put him back in the Christmas Basket!

As you an see the base is in excellent order - its just so pretty!
Got to go now, hunt down, and catch that pesky Dolph!
Bye for now xxx take care!


  1. The "girls" where I get my eggs are slowing down here too. Love to dip my eggs too.

  2. Know what you mean about loosing your figure a bit as you get a little older!!

  3. Those eggs and 'soldiers' look yummy!

    I love your little robins in the other post.

    I hate going shopping as well - the most I manage is the CS.

  4. Oh fresh eggs it must be wonderful to have your own chickens and supply of eggs!
    The garden is getting a hammering tonight-wind and rain:>(

  5. I bet those eggs tasted delicious. and I love your bantam - she's very pretty indeed.

  6. I haven't had boiled eggs in ages.....I will make them for me and dh's lunch on the weekend when he's home with soldiers (toast.

    Great post and lovely photos.

    Gill in Canada

  7. What happy looking hens. Once you have fresh eggs it'snot possible to go back to supermarket eggs. Your garden looks like paradise.

  8. Great post! Love the chickens!

  9. What a lovely blog you have here. I find Anglesey so inspiring. My grandparents live in Amlwch.


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