Friday, 13 November 2009

Six Things! and Christmassy Robins!!

Hello there! All ready for the weekend?
I had a lovely surprise today when I logged on - a nice shiny new Award ! Given to be by Decadent Housewife A lovely lady, one who I have come to think of as a friend, although we've never met (simply an ocean between us!) I think of her most days and look forward to her regular blogs.
Anyway - lovely little Award - with it comes the Six Things - tell six things about yourself that no one knows (or who would really care anyway!)
So here we go -
*I like to have bright colours in my hair, at the moment (as from Wednesday) I have flashed of a Christmassy red amongst my black hair.
*I bite my nails 'something shocking' as they say, but I do so long to have beautiful painted manicured nails!
*As a child I had a pet Fox (rescued as a cub her mother was shot) we called her Popsie, she thought she was a dog, and tried to bark!
*When I was a child my Grandad who was a bit of a dealer, brought home a big wooden box of the old fashioned hard yellow soap. It was summer and we children had an old trestle table - one leg up and one down to form a slide under the hose pipe, which was attached to the washing line, to shower water on to the 'slide'. We used the soap to grease the slide! My mother said she had never had such clean children!
*Another time we went with my Grandad to clear a house. he was often asked to do this by Solicitors and the like when older people had died and there were no known relatives to deal with their affairs. Anyway - as we were removing all the furniture and effects, Grandad was taking the old oilcloth tablecloth from the big old table, as he removed it he found layer upon layer of bank notes. It was obviously where the householder had hidden his savings!
*Standard wear when I was a child was a red balaclava hat and wellies! both myself and my Uncle ( who was only 2yrs older than me and I consider to be more of a brother!) were both kitted out in the red hats - it was so that my mother could see us more easily as we played in the fields surrounding our home! The wellies because we invariably found a stream to play in, although most nights the wellies were full of water, and we had to stuff them with newspaper over night, to try and dry them out!
Not anything wildly exciting I know! Still its all just a part of me!
Now I have to pass this on to six others, then if they choose to, they can keep the ball rolling!
* Josie - wonderful tales of crafting and everyday life!
* Jennie - maker of wonderful ragdolls and the like!
*Juicy Fig a Lancashire lass like me, with tales of knitting and drumming!
* Anna a very talented milliner - just take a look at her wonderful hats!
* Silver Pebble a talented maker of beautiful silver jewelry.
Well - that's taken me longer than I thought! Who'd have thought I had so much to say!
I just wanted to show you what I'd been up to this week.
I was rooting in my cupboards for something and came across these little Christmassy tea towels ( I must have put them away last spring) Well! I thought - about time you came out, it coming up to Christmas an all.

I so liked the little Robins - I thought they would make nice little brooches, so I had a go whilst I sat watching TV.

I simply traced them onto a piece of white felt and embroidered them. Backed them with another piece of felt - stuffed them a little with little waste offcuts of felt. and sewed a pin on the back.

Bright and breezy little chaps to brighten a winter jumper - or bag or whatever!

How do you fill your time these long cold Winter nights? I do find them hard - I'm not a big TV watcher, but its getting too cold to move from the fireside!
Bye for now xx Take care!


  1. Love all you share.
    Love Jeanne

  2. What lovely childhood memories. The robin brooches are fab, great idea. xxx

  3. great list, and I love the robins, you're very talented.

    Just thought I'd let you know, where we live its very hilly. If you check out this link it shows you the area where we live:

    Gill in Canada

  4. Great memories!

    The robin badges are brilliant and much nicer than those shop bought christmas badges you can buy.

  5. You treasure! thank you so much for the award - really cheared me up after I turned what seamed to be the ideal job down yesterday because the pay was so bad!

    I love the robin broaches - what a brilliant idea!

    An I also wish you were a little nearer to come along for a knit and natter - you could make a day of it with all the huge car boots we have round here on a Sunday!!!!


  6. Your list is fascinating - each a book of it's own. And the Robins are just delightful. Am looking forward to searching your blog links.

    Read. Tea. Feed the cats. Put weight on. That's what I do the long winter nights.


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