Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Skip Finds, Crafting and Pretty Pretty Flowers!

Hope everyone is okay!
Were all fine here, Hubby P is counting down the days until his weeks holiday - away from work, but he intends to start building a shed! - I suppose its no different than us Girls wanting time to do our crafting!
Much enjoying my pretty Marigolds - the garden is full of them so I brought a few in to cheer the place up. With having very small windows set in old deep walls the sitting room doesn't get a lot of sun.
On the crafting front, I had a mad couple of hours sewing this - and sewing on the buttons whilst watching The Forsyte Saga (hasn't it been good - Soames, so creepy yet sexy in a kinda way - I know I sound sad or disturbed even!).
Back to the bag, its made of some old bark cloth I has stashed away, I just fancied a flowery vintage-y sort of thing. Made a rough pattern out newspaper and, well - bobs your uncle!

It was a good excuse to get out my pretty lace and vintage buttons.

And I raided my stash of vintage buckles!

At the weekend we had major dismantling works - well pulling down, any old fashion, the old green house and taking it to the tip - sorry 'Recycling centre'. Making room for the new 'holiday shed project'.
Well I just love a trip to the tip - it just amazes me what people throw away - some would call my looking in all the skips verging on the nosey side! But I take no notice!
And look what I found!
I have discovered that if you ask the nice 'skip guy' nicely for something in the skip, usually - with a nice smile, he will get it out for you.

I found a nice little metal table - someone had painted it in emulsion paint, so it was peeling off (emulsion - not designed to be outdoors), and the loveliest little rough wooden box.

I took them home and stripped the table of all its old paint and gave the box a good wash. There were splashes of paint on the inside of the box, so I decided to line it with old music paper, I left all the rough edges showing to keep the old rough look.

It stands well on top of the dresser as a kind of shelf, or bookcase.

Ideal for my cookery books and whatnot!

The little table I gave a coat of black (its the colour of paint I had in the shed!), it is exterior paint so it should last for a while.
I thought it looks well - to say it had been thrown away - its nice to give something a new lease of life!
On the Garden front, the Cardoon is looking magnificent! I just love the spiky purple tops!

They tower above the other plants, making a real show!

Here they look quite spooky in the fading evening light!

That's all for now folks, take care xx


  1. wow the table looks great, just shows what a coat of paint can do!
    I really like the bag as well. I've just made my 4th shoulder bag.
    Josie x

  2. Love your bag...the lace is really pretty! ;-)

  3. Well done on creating such a pretty bag. I love the different fabrics, the lace and vintage buttons.

  4. Your bag is great. And the table is super too. Very inventive with the box. Loved the music sheet lining. And the colour of marigolds would put a smile on any face.
    Cal x

  5. i love going to the tip~went there yesterday in fact~ am on the lookout for old deckchairs!
    the little table looks perfect as well!

  6. Indeedy, hasn't the Forsyte Saga been great and I do know what you mean about Soames.....but I think that's because he is being played by Damian Lewis.
    Lovely bag. I especially like that piece of lace you used....very nice

  7. I don't know where you find the time for all your beautiful projects and gardening, but it's so fun to look at the photos.

  8. Beautiful bag; what lovely finds. The table looks like new now!

  9. Soames is v.sexy, well Damian Lewis is, it's the ginger hair that does it for me, phwoar. Anyhoo, love the skip finds, especially the little table. Twas very nice to see you last week, Twiglet is very taken with Fly :)
    Twiggy x

  10. Lovely buckle detail on your newly made bag. Really finishes it off.

  11. Great finds, I'm new to blogging pop over and say hello.


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