Monday, 24 August 2009

Family Time and Sentimental Crafting!

Well ! What a Summer! We seem to have had one lot of visitors after another - not that its not nice to see everyone - it is, but life just seems Soooooo busy!
Have you all had a nice summer break with the children off school and what not? We had our little people to stay last week, lots of noisy fun!
Hubby P was Grandad for the week and had deep, deep pockets for all those yummy icecreams and whatnot.
Our little Grandson is coming on in leaps and bounds - well not literally of course! Such a smiley relaxed sort of chap - the baby not Hubby P, mind you they are rather similar in that respect.
Once we were visitor free, we had to crack on and get some jobs done. Hubby P spent most of his weekend in this position -

He is sorting out my little Morris Minor car (Dixie) -
something to do with the water not circulating as it should. I must say he is very good at that sort of thing!
Whilst he was doing that I did my bit and 'bottomed' her - Hubby P took the back seat out so that I could give her a good clean. The people who had her before us must have been gardeners - the space under the seat was full of soil and odd seed packets with seed still in them. I've saved them just to see if they will grow next year, 1976 was written on one packet.
We also pulled out an old bit of curtain - real Vintage stuff - obviously been used as an old rag, and got lost down the back of the seat.

Here's Sam the bear, Co Pilot Extraordinaire, helping me clean up!

I was quite fascinated that this piece of fabric has survived and ridden up and down in the car for possibly 30 years - where was it from, did the owners of the car have it as curtains in their kitchen?
I felt it was a part of the cars history -so I gave it a good soak, and a good boil wash, it came up fairly well, still a few stains - but they are its story.
I salvaged the best bits and made it into a cushion for the back seat of the car.

And it will continue its journey, bumping along the highways and byways of Anglesey.

And it will look pretty on the backseat of the car!
I just love the design, and the texture of the fabric is so - kinda 'feelgood' if you know what I mean!

We managed an indoor carboot sale at the weekend - it rained and rained, and rained some more!
I found this sweet little tartan case - in really good order for £1!
It will go nicely with my other Vintage luggage - and I can use it for storing fabric, the fabric stash is growing again! And the sewing cupboard is full again! - I've had a bit of a clear out and put some on ebay - take a look if you are a sewing/crafting sort of person.

Please don't look at all the chaos on the table - its just a reflection of my life at the moment!!

Just a little pic of Fly - she is settling in well!

Ta Ta for now xx


  1. Aww what a cutie pie, the baby is sweet too - ho ho
    twiggy x

  2. Clever you, the cushion looks fab1 and what a cutie doggie!

  3. That's really great to salvage and recycle the material into such a lovely cushion. You can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear! x

  4. What a handsom little grandson,they soon grown up, Ellis will be 2 on the 1st of October this year.I just love your cushion what a lovley idea to make it a cushion and join you on your travels.Glad to hear Fly is settling in well. Take Care~Kate~

  5. love the cushion!
    my swampy has been buried in the room size engine bay of our 1971 citroen van, keeps overheating and he cant figure out why :(

    he keeps saying we might have to sell him for something reliable...a moggy and a tent perhaps?!!!

  6. I love to pop by your place - you have so many good ideas and look like having great fun putting them all into action. Your grandbaby is darling. Such blessings - little ones.

  7. Such cuties; your grandson and Fly! Love your tribute cushion to your car, very karmic.

  8. What a fab find and in such good! not the baby ...the fabric of course...
    Lovely post
    Hugs Lynn xxx


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