Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Hello! Just some odd bits and bobs!

Hello there!
Hope you've all had a good week - despite the rain and grey skies! Did you have rain? If you didn't and its been gloriously sunny - I don't want to know!
Not much to show you today - my trusty camera has gone and died on me. I think its dead and gone for good - time for a new one! So although I have some nice bits from the car boot, I can't show them to you - sorry!
Although before it died I managed to get a pic of this darling little cupboard that I found yesterday at the carboot sale. I had to almost wrestle it off another guy, who was busy trying to impress me by telling me he was a dealer, but a few soft words and flutter of the eyelashes won the day!
So I brought it home, gave it a wash, and filled it with the everyday kinda things a girl needs - mostly make up, perfume, hair brushes and whatnot. Essentials! - I could never live in the jungle without a bit of lippy!
It has little indentations on the top, I thought perhaps they were for holding a tray - glass or maybe mirrored. Quite French looking I thought. Pretty!

Because of the lack of new pic's - here are some oldies, some of my favorite things!




Food! - a guilty one I'm afraid!


Dixie - my little Morris!
Well that's got to be it for now - take care x


  1. The sun was shining in your photos!
    Lovely Post.

  2. Rained every day here Vicky until today and asummer has arrived. You have been so lucky at carboots again, love the material in the previous post.

    Jo xx

  3. we've had lots of rain, lovely little cupboards you always get some nice bargains. Nice to see some 'recycled' photo's again...
    Josie x

  4. Fab little cupboard.
    Cal x

  5. How do we live without these things before we had them if you see what I mean!It's certainly worth bringing home, your little cupboard, glad it's found a nice cosy home and not in some dealer's dusty old shop.

  6. My first car was a Morris 1000. It was a darling of a car...but failed its MOT due to a sunshine floor!!

  7. What a fabulous car, and I love the hat. Good luck picking the berrys and Damsons I love waiting for the frosts then getting the Sloes.
    Hugs Lynn xx


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